Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, I'm feeling better!  (Thanks Rana for the recipe link.)  The kids are feeling better.  We got out of the house yesterday for the afternoon, it was nice to be in some fresh air and be around people.

We woke up to snow.  I love it when it snows.  I love to walk out and hear the silence.  There's a special silence that seems to fall with snow.  I really like that.

Anyway, it melted away long before we were actually ready to get into it.  Oh, well.

Today?  Well, there are errands to be run--grocery store, post office, library, bread store....Then there the chores to complete--washing dishes, preparing meals, cleaning and straightening up.

I'm glad it's Friday!  I'm getting time to myself this weekend.  Take a little break from being "on stage."

Have a great weekend, each of you!!


Deidra said...

It sounds like a lovely Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Rana said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better. Have a great weekend! Enjoy your time off.


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