Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

The book we're sharing this week has quickly become one of my son's favorite.  It's BIG BRAVE BRIAN! by M. P. Robertson. 

I think the reason why my son likes it so much is because I replaced the name Brain with his name!  I also read it in a super-hero-announcer-style-voice! lol  Yeah, he loves it!

In this book Brian isn't afraid of anything....well, almost anything.  Once we found out what it was, I had to admit that I've been a bit afraid of that something too! It's a picture book with few words.  If you have little guy, perhaps, he'll enjoy it too!

We're completing this set of book and will get more this week from the library in our 100 Books-a-Month Challenge.  We'll get from the 'A' authors so we can participate in the Reading My Library Challenge.

Would you like to join us in Books Sharing Monday?  Let Alex know over at Serendipity Homechool.

If it's's Book Sharing Monday! (smile)

1 comment:

Rana said...

Sounds like a cute story I will add it to our list.


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