Thursday, August 27, 2009

8 Things: You Need to Practice to Get Good At

This week's 8 Things: You Need to Practice to Get Good At
These are the things I'm practicing--some I'm better at than others--but practicing nonetheless.

1. Being authentic--something that I've committed myself to doing in all parts of my life. It's something that I must choose do daily and remind myself to do. Definitely a practice!!

2. Setting boundaries--ditto for this one as well. This is in respect to everything too. Not over committing myself to things that don't add to my guiding values. Dealing with relationships, especially my children. One gets good at this only with practice.

3. Knitting--I learned to knit a couple of years ago now and I thoroughly enjoy it. But I'm getting bored and I need to take some time to practice so that I can move on to more challenging things. Plus, I've signed the Handmade Pledge for gift giving this year. I've got to get practicing....huh?

4. Seeing the bright side of things--there are days this is easier than others. But something I want to get better at.

5. Loving unconditionally--admitting this is part of my practice of authenticity. I am conditional with my love in certain relationships. I see the need for growth & practice in this.

6. Taking care of me--definitely need more practice here. In taking care of me, I'm taking care of my family.

7. Giving a great massage--I'm pretty good, from what others say (smile). Upon graduating from the massage school I attended, it was shared that I was one of the best massage therapist they've put out. But as not to get a big head, I am practicing to get better!

8. My faith walk--this is definitely something that takes daily practice. Allowing God to lead; not my need to please or others rules & regulations. Trusting that where I find myself is where He wants me to be regardless of how 'new' or 'different' or 'strange' the surrounds may appear. This is an exciting journey for me, one that I'm practicing!

Join us! Let Rachelle know over at Magpie Girl.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is not my shot. It was in an email I received.
The colors are beautiful! Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our 1st Day of School

Today was our 'official' 1st day back to school. We took a nice break to vacation and then I took a few more weeks off for thinking and planning. The girls have been counting down the days since the first of the month. Jaya also wanted to wear a uniform so after breakfast she got dressed packed her backpack and met me in our classroom. I decided we'd take pictures as this was a tradition I grew up with.... here are a few shots from our day.

In this photo she's standing like her daddy did as a child on his 1st day of school.
She's really growing up. I can see it in this one.
I got of shot of the other two, who dressed themselves as well. Kari isn't fully dressed without her crown. LOL. And the boy put on a sweater vest and a pair of basketball shorts (not seen in this shot) that were of a different color. They are too funny!
We've completed our Phonics lesson and Jaya is doing handwriting practice and Kari has started on her artwork.
Melvin just finished playing with play doh and has moved onto cutting paper.
It's just about nap-time!
Jaya is doing her artwork.
The Calendar.

Finishing up.
One of the maps on the wall. Geography is important to me--I want my children to know where they are and where everyone else is.
(The world is bigger than just us!)
Jaya's completed pictured, based on a poem I read them about friendship.
We made it through. Four very short lessons. No tears or frustrations. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Book Sharing Monday

This week we're sharing the book: Old Turtle by Douglas Wood, Watercolors by Cheng-Khee Chee.

This is a beautiful book. Here's the synopses given in the front cover of the book:
"This stirring parable promotes a deeper understanding of ourselves, the earth and our relationship with all beings...In this powerful tale, the world echoes with argument and confusion--until Old Turtle speaks. With quiet eloquence, she reminds all creatures of our connection to God, to the earth and to one another."
This book is fast becoming one of my favorites. Appropriate for all ages. Great discussion starter. Check it out, purchase for your own library; whatever--just read it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Picked @ U-Pic

Today was the day!!! We met some friends at Linvilla Orchards and had a blast! Take a look...

The whole gang ready to go for a hayride into the orchard.

We started in the strawberry patch. The kids were looking for fully red berries to pick.

Next were tomatoes--these are Roma.

We picked a few peppers as well--green, yellow & red.

My son enjoying some of his strawberries. They were really sweet!!

These grapes weren't ready to be picked.

The concord grapes were!

Waiting for our ride to the next stop.
Picking a peach.

I have to say...they aren't a good as Georgia peaches!!!
(Perhaps I'm biased.)

In the corn field picking a few ears of corn.

Notice the clouds.

We made it through with only 1 child in tears! ;-)

Here's what we picked:

I gave each one a warm bubble bath.

Kari wrote in her nature journal while waiting for her bath.

Jaya shucked the corn while waiting for dinner.

It was a wonderful day! It was as good as I imagined and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon! I'm going to have to see if there is something a bit closer, though. I'm also looking for a recipe for eggplant other than eggplant parmesan. Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 100th Post

I decided to write something today, instead of doing "Wordless Wednesday" since I saw that this is my 100th post. It's been good to share my life, thus far, with you here (the knowns and the unknowns). Hopefully something has made you laugh, made you re-think, made you consider something else or given you something new to do. I'm excited to think about what the next 100 posts will contain, what things will be a part of my experience and how my children will be growing. Perhaps I'll hear more from you in the comments.

Thanks for being a part!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exploring at the Creek

Today I decided to give a bit of direction for our time at the creek. I asked each of my children to look for three (3) things they hadn't seen before (on a previous trip here). I told them that we'd take a photo of whatever it was. This is what we noticed and found.

A crayfish.
Unfortunately, he was no longer living.

Seeing what she can find further down stream.

I think she found something!

A red leaf floating in the water.

This photo didn't come out so well. But this is a shell that Jaya found.

A mushroom.

A plant with lavender-colored flowers.

An acorn.

Jaya noticed the roughness of the bark on a nearby tree.

Kari noticed this hole in a tree.

Melvin found a very smooth rock in the water.

He also found two small sticks and two additional acorns.
He was very proud of his finds! ;-)

A shot of the girls 'searching' for something new.

We still spent a good deal just being in the water, as we usually do. It was rather hot today so the cool water and shade were great! After exploring with them and walking through the creek myself, I was able to get in some reading time for me!! Yeah, it was a good afternoon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let the Painting Begin!

What a great way to end the day....painting is a calming activity for me. It appears to be so for my kids as well.


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