Tuesday, January 13, 2009

breaking out!

today has started better than yesterday. i've been making plans for the rest of the week. we need to get OUT of the house, although it is bitterly cold and connect with other people! today we'll go to visit my grandmother. i'm lucky to now live only 20 minutes away from her. we need this visit as much as she does. been in touch with a new friend i've made up here and hope to get together with her family tomorrow and then take field trip on thursday to meet some other friends at a farm show.

the children are still enjoying their creative play. i'm so thankful for this. they do fuss about not being about not being able to watch as much as they'd like (they did a lot through all the moving that happened late last year) but once they get that i mean 'no!' they go on with life.

i hope to be able to get on with things in the same way! ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

monday...already?! OR it's a jungle in here!

i guess mondays are tough days for me. it's the 'recovering-from-the-weekend-wish-I-didn't-have-to-clean-up-day.' it's cold here. very cold.

i'm listening to the children play. they've taken all their stuffed animals and placed them around the house, much to my dismay. when i asked what they were doing, my oldest explained that they were going to make a jungle so they could explore. they (my daughters) then asked for paper and scissors--not a good combination--so i asked for more detail. they said they wanted to draw and cut out flowers and trees to make it look like a jungle. what a wonderful imagination they have. my son, who is just 2, participated as well, making the animal sounds when he 'found' an animal.

oh to be a child again.

although the house is in MORE disarray, it's nice to hear them enjoying themselves. they're playing with what they've learned, as they should be.


i guess mondays aren't so bad... (smile)

Friday, January 9, 2009

natural hair day...continued

so my hair 'day' has turned into another day....i guess doing three heads is more than a notion. it's been a loooong day. we are all tired.

we followed my plan and i have to say, it turned out LOVELY!!! my girls' hair is clean, soft and very well conditioned! I am LOVING my hair too. The only thing that I didn't expect is the loosening of our hair texture. So my lovely full afro is hanging to my shoulders...I guess that means I have to either do it or cut it. hmmm. something else to consider! lol!

i am thrilled to have found something that is good for our hair, good for our bodies and good for the earth!!! it's also very gratifying to be able to make this myself. i hope to post pictures soon of our lovely, healthy, earth-friendly hair! ;)

the following are the photos.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

natural hair day

i've found some really good recipes for all-natural hair cleansing and care. today i'm going to use them in our heads/hair and see how things go.

the recipes are as follows (i found them on youtube posted by various persons)

No-poo (shampoo) hair cleansing

Baking Soda (enough to cover entire head)


1 part ACV (apple cider vinegar)

2 parts water

Natural Hair Conditioner

1/2 avocado

3.5 oz coconut milk

3.5 oz coconut oil

1 Tb olive oil

1 TB castor oil OR honey

Make 2 cups

i'm using the honey option. it looks and smells delicious. we'll see how things turn out!! wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

exercise, outside

it's another gray rainy day here. i'm realizing that my children haven't had a chance to really be outside and play for a while. it's been either rainy or just too cold. i guess i've been lazy about it too, on the day or two it hasn't been.

so, i need to check into some alternative spaces so they can run and play more frequently. a local friend suggested a spot up on campus (under the pavilion) and i need to plan to do that this week.

since i want to do better myself with exercising, i've got to make it a higher priority for making sure my kids are doing it--so they can be fit from the beginning of their lives!

just another healthy habit i'd like for our family to incorporate on a more regular basis.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

naturally yours

although it's still winter, i'm in the process of preparing for spring (my new year!)! :) i've been working to live in better harmony with the earth and my body. part of what we've (dh & i) been working towards is removing all the chemical use in our home, in our food, in our personal body products. i've spent the last two days almost glued to the computer searching and researching what i can do to replace all the junk we feel we 'can't live without!'

we've already switched a lot of what we use around the house. we mainly use vinegar & baking soda to clean. and these two clean everything! (and have for many decades prior)

my hair is natural (no chemicals used to change it's texture) and so are all the heads in my care. but i know a lot of what we put in our hair (creams, oils, shampoos, etc.) and what we put on our skin is just HARMFUL plain and simple. so, i'm throwing EVERYTHING out today and going out this afternoon to purchase some basics to make my own personal care products.

now, if you know anything about me, you know that this is right up my alley. i love doing this kind of stuff. i have several good books about this very thing and i use the library regularly. so i've found some really nice, simple, inexpensive recipes for keeping us, and our environment, clean & safe.

i've also invited some of my dear friends to join me in this. it does take some support because i know there will be a day when i miss my paul mitchell foaming pomade. but i will learn to love something else--something that i've made with my own hands!!!

these are the things i want to give my children. i love that i can share this with them.

will share updates as i have them!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

just another manic monday

(oh-woe) wish it were sunday...

and so another work week begins. my husband left at some ungodly hour (for us) and one by one my children woke up needing one thing or another from me (go figure). it has been hard to get out of my bed this morning. i've turned over several times to find sleep again. i'm thankful that i've taught my kids to get up and play quietly, sort of. what finally got me out of bed was the thought about getting back into the routine of our lives. since our big move in august, we've been 'off schedule' and everyday is unpredictable, which isn't always good for little ones. so out of bed i got!

i've found it helpful to get up and get dressed on days like these. it gives some direction: this won't be a "lay-around-lazy-day.' so we are now fed and dressed and doing some artwork. must get this holiday thanks out b/4 the kids forget who gave what. lol!

i guess i should have a goal for today, or at least a plan. hmmm...let's see.

today's goal: enjoy my children. read to them. give them time to be creative.

i'm ok with this! hope your day is as good as mine will be! ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Calendar Year

...and so we changed calendars today. i put them up in the classroom and in the girls' room. i explained to the kids that at the end of December we get to start all over again with the months of the year. so, we're back to January.

oddly enough i'm feeling more like following the seasons. it's still winter and the idea of starting something new at this moment just doesn't feel right to me. so, i'll continue with this idea and make some resolutions at the beginning of Spring--the new season for the year.

we did clean up today and do a little purging to make today 'new' in it's own way. i am looking forward to moving in more harmony with the seasons.

Happy New Year!!


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