Friday, January 8, 2010

Juggling & Brainstorming

As I child this was one of my favorite circus acts--the jugglers.  The ones who had five or six different things (knives, torches of fire, balls, bins) going at the same time.  I also enjoyed watching them juggle things between two or three persons.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it was the dangerousness of it, the wondering "what will happen if..."  Each time it ended perfectly, without injury or anything falling on the ground.

I've never learned to juggle myself.  I've tried.  Just have never gotten the rhythm down.  My husband, on the other hand, is pretty good at it.  He often entertains the kids with his skills.

My point?

I've actually been juggling so many things, emotionally, physically, mentally, interpersonally....and now that two things have been taken OUT of my rotation I am feeling SUCH a relief (completing school, passing national certification test!).  It's like I can finally exhale.....

So as I'm planning for next week (we're starting back to some more structured time in homeschooling) I am paying close attention that I do NOT fill the empty space, so to speak, with more that will end of making me feel overwhelmed and drained!

Now that I have a few less things to do--I've been brainstorming.  I guess I'm always brainstorming in some form--jotting things down, rethinking, processing, coming up with more creative ideas.  I want to utilize what I have without over extending myself and my family (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially).

I've already come up with some really cool things to incorporate our homeschooling friends, continue in our 100 Books-a-Month & Reading My Library Challenges, as well as making sure we're getting plenty of fresh air, good food, exercise, down time, creative time, etc. etc.  I'm hoping to put them in place within the next week or two.

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Kelly said...

Can't wait to hear more about it. You inspire me!


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