Sunday, March 30, 2008

my "to be" list

because i'm always reading and looking to learn things daily, i was very excited about the new perspective that i got from reading another mother's blog. she shared about how hectic life gets and all the things that we as mothers have to do in a given day. she's a "to do" list person and uses one daily. she then shared that she'd read an article by alan cohen entitled 'what to ask for' and got a different persepctive on the whole "to do" list thing. perhaps our problem is the focus on what we want to have accomplished by the end of the day instead of who we want to be or how we want to feel at the end of the day.

at the end of most days many of us look over what we wanted to accomplish and see that we barely made it down the list. i know when i've made a mental list and look back over my day i feel as though i wasn't "productive," that i "got off track." however a 'do be' list is different, it places the value not on things but on people.

Compare these two lists:

what do i want to get done?

-take mail to post office

-make dinner

-change bed linens

-pickup dry cleaning

-return library books

how do i want to be and feel?

-be kind

-be patient

-feel connected to my children

-be available to listen

-feel content

do you see how that can totally change your perspective???? omg!! i'm so glad to have read this today! there are plenty of things that need to get done, but i don't want to forget what is most important.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Spring!!!

spring is the beginning of new life...the awaking of things left dormant...the (re)birth of ideas, plans, hopes and dreams. it's also the time to watch nature come alive. i wanted to celebrate this newness with my family in a way that would mark the occasion and give pause to all that was happening around us. we celebrated the day as a family out in nature--we went to the park. we fed the ducks & pigeons, ate a picnic lunch then watched the kids play on the playground. before leaving we spend some time relaxing, talking and laughing on the grass watching dogs and their owners run past. all in all, we had a nice day welcoming in spring!!

as you'll notice in the pictures, although the sun was out and the sky clear, it didn't feel like spring! but i'm sure the weather will make up for this by summer!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Table Manners and other things

Every day I'm heard saying things like, "We sit down at the table. Chew your food before you start talking. Wipe your mouth with your napkin. Wait until everyone has their food before you eat. Use inside voices at the table. Use your fork/spoon. Now, this is when I'm in a calm and focused place.

At other times one may hear me say things like this: "Sit down! Use your napkin, not your hands. We eat with our utensils NOT our fingers! Will you guys please stop shouting at the table!!!"

If you're anything like will understand this! Needless to say, despite how I'm saying it and how many times I've must repeat myself, it is sinking in. My daughters attended a birthday party yesterday...a tea party, ok, a 'high tea' party. I got them all dressed up to go (the way we used to dress for parties). I was so very happy that all the hard work I've put in paid off during the hours of the party! :)

Not only did they use all their table manners, they also were attentive to me as well as the other adults and responsive to the request made of them. They greeted everyone, they used their inside voices, they remembered to say 'please' and 'thank you,' they played nicely with the other girls and cleaned up what they had taken out before leaving the party. (Translation: they didn't push, hit, shout, fuss, complain, etc.) I was so proud!!

Being at home is hard, intense often dirty work, but the rewards are awesome!!

Playin' in the Dirt Again...

There are times when we spend the entire day outside. It's amazing just how interested my children can become with playing in dirt and water. Give them a few sticks and voila--mud!! All over everything!! As much as I don't enjoy the clean-up process, I give in to their desires to do so because I do see the enjoyment they find. Plus, I remember when I used to do the same thing. There is just something about putting your hands in the earth. Squishing your fingers in and 'painting' with cool mud.

Another bonus about these 'messy' days--they sleep soundly through the night!


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