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Hello and welcome to my virtual space.

I'm Leslie. A fun-loving, down to earth, easy-going woman. I am an educator by training, a teacher by gifting and life-learner by design.  I am a creative; an artist in my own right.  I am a wife and mother.  I am a reader and writer.  I enjoy entirely too many hobbies and hoard books by the dozens. I am a healer; using energy work and massage to assist in bringing clients back to balance.  I am also a community organizer and builder.  I spent 10 years in the formal education system before coming home to start my family.  I've been loving my children at home since their beginnings. Although there are a good many days I want to pull my hair out, I am thankful to be able to be with them during these precious years.  They're going by so fast.

I have learned a lot about life through cultivating relationships, parenting, instructing both children and adults, community building and identifying and implementing sustainable practices.  I share my findings, insights and experiences here on this blog.  When I started it, years ago, I was 'all-in'. Using it mainly as a place to share highlights and pictures with family and close friends. I then took a long break from the blogosphere as life required my full attention.  It still does, actually, but I'm finding that I am interested again in blogging--for different reasons, slightly. (smile)  As I begin to write my books and curricula, a publisher friend strongly suggested that I "get back to blogging" as a way to connect with the public and hone my writing skills.  I also co-lead and facilitate a local homeschooling community and think that it will be helpful to share resources here--where they can be found (and found again) at everyone's convenience.

So, here I am.  Ready to begin again.  I hope to be regular and have purposely linked up with some other faithful bloggers/blogs joining in on their weekly rituals to make sure I am consistent.

Bray Party of 5
At present, I'm life-learning with three beautiful children and one handsome man.  You can read more about our homeschooling philosophy here.

I'd love to hear from you, my readers, and will respond to as many of you as I can, in a timely fashion.  You are invited to leave comments--I love comments. You can also email me here: leslie[at]kidcultivators[dot]org.  I will strive to get back with you as quickly as I can.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back often, even share this blog with a friend.  I'll look to connect with you soon.

Be well.

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