Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Day

Today we awoke just in time to take dh to work so we could have use of the car--we're back to sharing one vehicle (ugh!)  After breakfast and a quick clean up....and a bit of waiting (on the kids' part) our friends came over for a playdate!  There was some dressing up, some running around, some hitting and 'being mean' (that the mommies had to handle).  Then there was a movie & popcorn!  What a treat! (smile)  After our friends left, we ate lunch, attended to our dogs and made our way to the library.  We were able to get a nice stack of books from the 'A' authors section.  I made a quick stop at the store to pick up some pencils (it's amazing just how many we've gone through in this little bit of time) then headed back to pick daddy up from work.

Since we didn't take naps...it's an early bedtime (what I like best).  The girls will be listening to stories as they fall asleep tonight (again, after some time) as I found a great deal on a CD/Tape/Radio combo player at a thrift store.  They are very excited about this!

They'll be sound asleep before 8:15pm if I'm lucky!!!

How was your day?  What things did you get into?  I hope it was great!

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