Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Learning and Growing

It's important to remember that learning and growing are not just for our children -- we need to keep up with them and push ourselves to keep growing.  Arming ourselves with needed information is one way we as life-learning parents can not only set a good example for our children but also prepare us for assisting, facilitating and teaching them as they get older and into more challenging studies.

I so enjoy learning.  Whether it's taking a class or workshop, reading a book or learning from another's experience, I am always learning something.  I also enjoy sharing what I've learned with others.  I haven't been here to blog in a good long while but I still use this space to direct others to information that has been shared to guide them in finding just what will work for their family.

I'm excited about an upcoming series of workshops that another homeschooling mom and I will be offering in our area for new homeschooling families.  I figured I'd share it here as well in the event you happen to be local or know someone who might benefit from going through some of the basic steps in setting up and preparing to homeschooling their own children.

We've been down the road and have been able to assist so many families already -- I'm looking forward to meeting new families beginning this month.  Feel free to link to my page or share this picture (above) in your networks.

Happy Learning & Growing!


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