Sunday, November 1, 2009

100 Books-a-Month Challenge

On Friday we finally got over to the library to check out some new books. October has been busy for us! Anyway, in talking with one of the children's librarians as we checked out our large stack of books, I mentioned how cool it would be to read all the books in the library (children's section, that is). She thought it would be a great thing to at least strive for. So as we made out way back to the car and headed back home, I decided that we would!

I'll have to take my camera with me when we return our books so I can take a few shots of the children's department---it is rather extensive. Anyway, since I have little ones..and not so little ones, we will be focusing on the picture book/story book section first. I'm thinking if we read 100 books each month we could be finished with that section by the end of Spring. We'll see!

So, for those of you that follow me (openly or privately), I'd like to invite you to join me in our Reading Challenge: The 100 Books-a-Month Challenge, that is! You can join in when you'd like and post a comment below along with your blog addy letting me know that you're joining in. I'll add you to the list so others can see just what you are reading, too! Then copy the photo above and post it on your page linking back to my blog. You can keep a running list of all the books you're reading or do a monthly list. (Right now I'm doing a monthly one.)

We are committing to this challenge until the end of May 2010. It would be a pleasure to have you along for this reading adventure!!

P.S. You can make adjustments to this as needed for your children (ie if your older one is reading long/thick chapter books, count each chapter; for the younger child that likes to hear the same story over and over--count that book each time it's read). This challenge is for the pure FUN and ENJOYMENT of reading!!

I've chosen to only use 'new to us' books since I want my children to get more variety in their reading and for us to get to regularly using our library again! Hopefully by May, we've have read a good portion of our library's books! ;-)


Tracy and her crew said...

Wow, what an stupendous idea! We are up for the challenge for sure!

Here we go!

the platts said...

We're in too!

Sherry said...

We're in--at least for a month. :)

Alex said...

What a great challenge!
Count us in. We will be doing a mixture of picture books and novels, non-fiction books..

I think you know my blog..Book Sharing Monday :)

You have 2 great families already joining you I see! Hi Tracy and Hi Lisa ;)

Amy said...

We'd love to try. Count us in!

Kaat at MamaStories said...

Found you via Sherry and Gerrick on Living and Learning.

We're in (on MamaStories,

Like I commented on Sherry's blog, I am looking forward to seeing Amie's reaction when we hit a 100. I think we do this already, and I'm sure Amie will say "we read a THOUSAND books a month, Mama!", or "a hundred million!" So maybe this will be less an issue of reading than of counting - realizing what "a hundred" actually means.

And of course I love lists. And books!

Tricia Orchard said...

What a great idea! We read a lot of books but I am not sure if we read 100 a month. I am curious to see how many we read.

I have to say that when I first saw this idea on Serendipity's blog I thought she meant read 100 adult books and I was floored. I wondered how on earth someone could read 100 novels in a month. I couldn't.

I was relieved to see that it was kids books. That, we can handle.

We are looking forward to the challenge.

You can find me at:

Thanks for the great idea!


Rana said...

Our family is up for the challenge! I think this would be fun.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


You can blame my participation on Rana. This is the second reading challenge I'm doing this year (the other is for adult books) and it is nice to find one where I can get "credit" for all of the children's books I read once and sometimes over and over again (don't worry, I'll only count those one time :).) My children and I are looking forward to the fun.

Milk & Honey Mommy/

Our Pace said...

We can join as long as my kiddo's don't have to write words. They are young and don't show interest in that yet. I think we already read this much. Luckily I started to keep track of the books we read so I'll have a total for this month but I didn't include how many times we read each book. I'll do that next month I guess. Thanks for starting this challenge! P.S. Hi Alex!

~Leslie said...

Thanks for joining in with us!!

@Our Pace--no writing required! and non-readers, like mine, can be read to! ;-)

Jeanette said...

I would like to join in this month. I just discovered this fantastic challenge and I am very excited to give it a go with my kids.
I will try to put a post up about it tomorrow.
my blog can be found at:

Kelly said...

Ok... we're going join for December. Go team!!

Blogging has opened me up to a whole new world! Thanks Leslie!

~Leslie said...

Welcome Jeanette & Kelly!!

Anonymous said...

We're in Leslie!!

Annell said...

I know we're a little late in joining, but please count us in. My 7 year old is sooooo excited for this!

Jacqueline said...

I forgot to sign in here, but Little One and I have taken up your challenge! We met the goal in January and by bedtime tonight we will have met the goal for February too and we can't wait to start on March's goal! We are having so much fun! Thanks for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

We're quite late in joining in but this sounds like a lot of fun for our crew. We're in for March at least. :)

My homeschool blog is

~Leslie said...

Welcome Danielle, Annell, Jacqueline and Magical Childhood!! So glad to have you reading with us. I'm looking forward to seeing your lists of books.

Zoo Mommy said...

I"m a bit late to the game, but I love this idea and we are going to hop on -
here's my blog where I'm posting the pic and link:
Thanks, Leslie!

carol b said...

Wow! Here goes...we're going to join in for November!


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