Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Plans for 2010

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It's that time of year again.  When I'm making plans, arranging things, sorting through, purging, hoping, investigating, making lists, etc.  I've taken a break from my regular computer usage, reading blogs and writing on my own.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today. As a look around my house I see SO MUCH that needs to be taken care of (loads of laundry need to be folded & put away, books need to be put on the shelf, the classroom is in disarray, Christmas decorations need to be officially packed up, etc.).

But, there is an excitement that I'm feeling right now, too.  It's the excitement that I used to get when I was preparing for the first day of school.  You know that feeling! ;-)  I've decided that we're taking another week off to get things in a bit more order. (Plus I'm preparing for my national cert test on Thursday for Massage Therapy--my side, side gig! lol!)

We are taking little steps. Cleaning here and there. Playing with Legos and making up stories as we dress-up.  Between washing dishes and preparing meals, I'm jotting things down.  While looking through books and reading aloud to the children, I'm thinking, and hoping and planning!

This year we're moving back South (prayers made, fingers-tightly crossed!).  So this mean another major packing up.  I've promised myself that I will NOT be moving back with the same junk I moved up here with.  There are still boxes, if only a few, in the basement that I haven't even opened since moving up here in 2008.  So, they will be the first to go!  Now that I'm really thinking about all of this, there is a lot that I will need to put into place.  Yeah, a list will be good!

Homeschool-wise, I've been looking over the plans that I wrote out in Aug of 2009.  Many of those things I will continue to do.  This year I'm going to implement a theme for each month--actually a monthly virtue that we'll learn about, read stories that reinforce it, memorize a poem related to it and do a few other things as well.  I'll be using the Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett as a guide and will also use other resources as I find them.

Money Monday has been a real hit, thus far.  Each Monday (well, almost every Monday) I've done a short lesson on money.  The children have learned about all the coins (a little history about them) and how to count them.  My oldest, of course, as taken to counting them better than her siblings, but I expected that.  Whenever I get change back at the store I tell her if she can count it, she can have it.  This has been very motivating for her, to say the least.

I am a big fan of geography and have several maps on the walls of our classroom.  It's important to me that my children know where they are and where everyone is.  Moving has really helped them pay attention to states and where things are located.  I want to continue with this.

Our Phonics/Reading lessons, if you will, have been sporadic at best.  I found that there was too much resistance and didn't want it to turn into something ugly so I've backed off.  Jaya asked me the other day if I'd teach her to read, so we'll be doing something in this area again on a more consistent basis.  I think now that she's reading and showing the desire to actually read we'll have a bit more success!

I'm wanting to do some more creative things as well as doing some personal growing and sharing.  I've decided to start a separate blog for this as I see, from my more recent posts of last year, I've been focusing more on "me" then homeschooling here.  Not that the two cannot coincide.  I just think I'd like a different space for that.  I realize that this will take a few weeks of transition, but I'll keep you up to date if you're interested in following me there. (smile)  I also have a creative blog if you'd like to check that out. [Well, the "few days" have turned into a "few hours!"  It's up...check it out here!]

With the move coming up, I also want to take advantage of the time we do have here.  We've done a lot of exploring and site seeing.  But there are a few places I do want to go before we leave.  I also want to make the most of connecting, playing and enjoying the friends we've made since being here.  They have truly made our time away from our homeschool group, Kid Cultivators Homeschool Group, more bearable!  From my 3 yo son's perspective they are our only friends--and they're good friends at that!  (Wow! I'm getting sad.)

Another thing I want to do is to cultivate the relationships I've made here--online.  We took an impromptu trip to Kentucky after Christmas and I was able to meet a few virtual friends in person.  We had a wonderful time and I was thankful to have had that opportunity to spend time with them.  It also showed me that the time I spend reading blogs and getting to know others here isn't wasted.  It isn't fake or phony.  Well, it could be--but I have not found it so and see by your comments left here and on other blogs that you're just as real as I am.

From my meeting with Claudia, Lisa & Will Samson.  I've been inspired to do some writing of my own.  I've always wanted to write a few children's books.  I've even been writing some poetry.  Even if I don't officially publish anything, I do want to explore this more in 2010.  It may only be to keep up my blogs and journal.  But who knows, I may do more!

With reading challenge that I've started and the one I've joined I definitely have plans to read, read, read!  In addition to everything that I'm reading to my kids I've even found time to read a few books for myself.  I'm hoping to finish them and get in some more.

Well, I'm sure as I go through the rest of this week I will think of more things to add to my lists.  There will be more hopes and dreams that I'll have.  And I'll add them.  For now, this seems to be enough!

What plans do you have for the new year?


Deidra said...

This year I plan to just keep on putting one foot in front of the other...closer to God, further from self.

You've got lots going on in your world! Here in the blizzard-y midwest, a move south sounds good right about now!

Christina said...

So much of your time, sounds familiar to me ; ) We took a week off before the holidays, to get everything a bit more organized. I love that you know the feeling of adjustment for "our" students.
Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

We've got a lot of cleaning, organizing, planning to do with a move in our near future as well. I'm working hard to keep it all in perspective... I like what Deidra said "closer to God, further from self."

I look forward to hear how your year continues. And, any helpful tips you learn along the way.

Rana said...

You sound like you are slowly putting it all together. I do not envy you the packing(I hate packing), but if you keep yourself organized and make it fun for the kids you will get it all accomplished. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the children's book.


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