Monday, August 8, 2011

100 Books-a-Month Challenge :: Ending

After much thought and reading (smile), I've decided that we've come to the end of this challenge. It's been almost two years since I decided to do it with my three and invite others to do it too.  Some months were great--we read beyond the 100 book mark.  Others were a little below the mark.  It was fun and I'm glad to have been able to do it.

I decided to write a blog about it, since there were several of you who joined in and actively read with us.  I wanted to say 'thanks' for journeying along side us.  It was nice to read through your lists, get recommendations and see that we enjoyed some of the same titles & authors.  Here's to those of you who joined us for the entire time or for selected months:

This in no way means we're not going to be reading here--we love stories waaaay too much for that!  We just won't be cataloging it in the same way.  As we wind down, enjoy the last bit of our summer break, I'm sure we'll find something else to challenge ourselves to.

Happy Reading to each of you!


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