Sunday, November 9, 2014

Homeschool Resources: Freebies

Yes! Who doesn't like free resources.  I typically share what I come across or what another homeschooling family shares with me via my homeschooling community's Facebook page.  Today, I thought I'd share some of the resources that I've found to be helpful.  Please note: I have not been asked to share these in particular nor am I getting anything in return for this post.  I simply wanted to make you aware of some of the resources that have been helpful for my family.


For those with children who enjoy drawing, why not learn world geography, too.  This is a complete world geography unit for immediate download.  I've just found this so we haven't yet begun using it, but I have plans to as we enjoy drawing over here. (

Nature Study:

We are beginning a unit with our homeschooling community on birds (which I'm facilitating).  I've found a lot of good resources: and they are all free.

Online Classes:

If you happen to be in the Atlanta-metro area and possess an Atlanta-Fulton Library card you can utilize the online classes on for free.  Otherwise, they're still a great price. ($180 for a year.)  Classes range from specific subjects to hobbies and personal development.  All classes are self-paced, overseen by a teacher and offer a certificate and/or grade at completion.  You can take up to 6 classes at once. (You must log-in to the library's site first, then go through eCampus to


We are starting to become familiar and learn about the Periodic Table of Elements.  A friend shared this site with me recently.  It offers an interactive table that then correlates to video lessons on each element.  Talk about an awesome resource.  You can find it here:


All three of my children are taking piano lessons.  I have started all of them but have allowed the younger two to take some instruction online via this site: I like the simple lessons that are offered and all of them are free.  You have the option to purchase additional lesson resources through the site. I haven't found that we've needed them thus far.  I view the lesson, make anything that may be needed for it and them allow them to do the lesson.  So far it's just what we've needed.  It also gives me a little break from having to teach them everything. (I am looking for a firm, yet gentle, piano teacher to teach them as they continue.  Should you have a recommendation for us, please share.)

U.S. History:

Perhaps you're looking for history resources.  I always am.  In creating my own curriculum, I am in continual search of primary sources to read and study. The Zinn Educational Project is a great starting place for this.  They offer resources and also give links to other primary resources.  I strongly suggest you take a look at what they have to offer.  Most of the resources are free of charge.

Have you come across free resources that you're using with your family?  Share yours in the comment section so others can benefit too.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you're able to make use of one or two.

Happy Learning.

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