Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Already February!!

And the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Well, with regards to the time I'd like have here and the reality of just how I'm spending my time.

Life is full.  As I'm sure it is with many of you.  I've gone back and forth deciding whether my time here is done.  Several of my dear friends have closed their blogs and moved on to other things.  I haven't yet come to 'the end' here, yet.  But I am definitely open to it.  If any of you are still even reading this, lol, I'm sure you understand that life just keeps happening.

We are definitely fully involved and engaged in our life.  I've come to the fact that we are life learners and am starting to refer to our journey less and less as homeschooling.  We've been unschooling for the past few months, or perhaps that's 'deschooling.'  Whichever, I know that we won't be long in this space either.  I'm seeing how we label ourselves with regards to how we related to school isn't as helpful as it once was.  We don't need to defend ourselves against the norm so why should we define ourselves based on what we're not doing?

We've spent the past three months heavily involved in our home learning community.  We've been to many places (field trips), participated in several co-op style learning activities, have been out doors (yes, even in the cold weather) engaged in nature study and hiking, and, of course, at the library!!  We've been reading and listening to lots of studies on CD/Tape/Online.

We've also enjoyed cooking together.  My ten year old has a night to cook on her own each week.  The children are still meal planning with/ for me/us.  I'm so thankful that I started this.  They've also learned how to successful complete many of the everyday chores that helps keep our house in some simplance of order.  They keep their bedrooms, the bathrooms, kitchen & dining room together.  Of course I oversee things and help out.  But a lot of the stress of 'keeping house' has been lessened by allowing them to step up, learn and hold these responsibilities now, instead of later in their experience.

I have several goals for myself this year and I've been taking time to put energy into those things.  There's definitely not enough time to go around and so I, too, must learn again the importance of priority.

My plans are to make blogging part of my weekly schedule as there are a few of you who've sent me private messages requesting some specific posts and questions about my experience that may also be of benefit to others who may be reading too.

Thanks for still being here and checking in on me.  I am well and so is the family.  Still learning and growing and learning to truly love our journey.

Peace & blessings to you all!


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