Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Sharing Monday & a New Challenge

Happy New Year, again!
Here's a nice book to start off your new year!
Since starting the 100 Books-a-Month Challenge in November,
we've been reading some really great books.
The one we're sharing this Monday is NOTHING by Jon Agee.

This story tickled me as I'm in a continual process of organizing, purging, making also amused my children. 

Otis, who is an antique store owner has finally sold his last item when the richest lady in town enters his store.  She asks what's on sale.  When he informs her that he has nothing, she tells him she doesn't have any of that and wants to buy it.  He explains that he actually has nothing.  She says she'll buy it for $300. 

He reluctantly then carries nothing to her car and she's off.  This, of course, starts a new trend in town of people buying nothing, making room (by getting rid of their stuff) for nothing and enjoying nothing.  There's a bit more to the story, but I'll let you check it out and enjoy it with your children! ;-)

Happy Reading!!!

Would you like to join us in Book Sharing Monday?  Let Alex know over at Serendipity Home School.

Also, if you'd like to join us in the 100 Books-a-Month Challenge, we'd love to have in that as well!  Click here for more information!

In reading Alex's blog today, I found out about another challenge, which I've joined!!  It's Reading My Library--which we're already doing!!  It's funny.  I started the 100 Books-a-Month to make it through our library's children's books.  We have read a few from our personal library, of course, but my goal is to read books from the library which we've never read.  We'll get a bit more organized by joining this challenge as we'll be reading A-Z.  Plus, it will connect us with another network of families who are reading and sharing book recommendations.  How awesome is that?

1 comment:

Alex said...

We'll have to look for that "Nothing" book!

I am glad you joined the Reading my library challenge, it is very similar to what we are doing already, but like I said and you mentioned too, I think it will help organize ourselves a bit, when we need it!

Happy New Year!


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