Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Library

I love books! My children love books! (very thankful for this...I've been working hard so that they would!)  So, today we took a trip to another library.  We went to 'our' library on Tuesday afternoon and got two bags full of books.  Ok. So they're overflowing! lol.

The libraries where we're living now are called community libraries, and for good reason.  All though these libraries belong to a system (by county) each library is unique to the neighborhood/town that it's in.  The library where we went today is one of the 'flagship' libraries (in a very affluent community).

We met our friends for some library fun!  Not only is the children's section well stocked with books, books on tape and CD, videos, DVDs, Leap Frog books & cartridges, computer games, etc. they also have puzzles, puppets & theater, and a Lego table making going to this library an actual playdate! (smile)  I know it's the community's way of making their library a fun and welcoming place.  I think it's great!  We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

While there, I did pick up several books on tape & CD so we can continue listening to stories as we ride in the car.  It really does make running errands a breeze!  No more complaining!  Well, except for the request for "another story!"

What do you enjoy about your library? How are you getting your children excited about books (and ultimately reading)?  I'm listening.... ;D

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Kelly said...

I love our library! It's our major source of entertainment (story time, puppets, DVDs, coloring pages, puzzles)... We've started borrowing DVR/games, which has supplemented our reading in a really nice way.


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