Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now Back to My Life....Already In Progress

We've finally gotten back to some schooling....these are just a few shots from our time today.  My girls are really into this getting dressed for school! (Thanks Em, again, for the uniforms--they LOVE them!) The boy still has on pajamas, as do I! lol.



I haven't pushed my oldest into reading/writing--but just this week she's broken the code and we're flying through things!  We're using Saxon Phonics, so she's had the basis for awhile now. We also do a TON of reading.  I am glad that she's motivated to do this, as I don't have the energy to prod her along.  Plus, I find it needlessly unnecessary and a bit stressful to own it for her--I want her [each of them, actually] to desire to learn.  I'm so THANKFUL she's owning it for herself.  And from the shots above, you can see that the other two are owning theirs as well.  (I let them each choose what they wanted to do--the boy chose playdoh and the sweetiegirl chose cut, paste & color.)

How is your day going? What things are you getting into?


Anonymous said...

Love the uniforms. I thought we were the only ones who did that. Glad we're not alone.

Isn't great when you kids have a breakthrough that you DIDN'T push them through!? I'm sure your daughters were inspired by your 100 books a month. I know I would be.

Take care and Happy New Year.

~Leslie said...

Good to know we're in good company!
Yes, so glad I didn't push her through. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne!

Rana said...

It is so exciting when they "Get It!" Sometimes I think we are more excited for them than they are, because we know where this will take them. It's only the beginning to bigger and better things.

Your boy and my boy should get together for a jammie playdate. My son loves to stay in his PJ's if he knows we are not going any where.


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