Sunday, January 31, 2010

Janurary::100 Books-a-Month Challenge

Well, we made it through another month of reading.  Half way through the month we join in the Reading My Library Challenge so this list will contain books from the "A" authors in the picture book section of our library.  To see the first half of this month's list click here.

60.  Oh, Kojo! How Could You! by Verna Aardema
61.  Around the House that Jack built by Roz Abisch
62.  Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman
63.  Extra! Extra! Fairy-Tale News from Hidden Forrest by Alma Flor Ada
64.  We Didn't Mean To by Sharon Addy
65.  When Wishes Were Horses by Sharon Hart Addy
66.  Luther Tarbox by Jan Adkins
67.  The Babe & I by David A. Adler
68.  Ma nDA LA by Arnold Adoff
69.  Ludlow Laughs by John Agee
70.  The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau by Jon Agee
71.  The Snail House by Allan Ahlberg
72.  Tall by Jez Alborough
73.  Yes by Jez Alborough
74.  Some Things Never Change by Kurt Aldag
75.  Fisherman's Luck by Josephine Haskell Aldridge
76.  Marty McGee's Space Lab, No girls Allowed by Martha Alexander
77.  My Feet by Aliki
78.  Use Your Head, Dear by Aliki
79.  Those Summers by Aliki
80.  It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House by Harry Allard
81.  Mrs. Simkin's Bed by Linda Allen
82.  Belinda by Pamela Allen
83.  Old Hannibal and the Hurrican by Berthe Amoss
84.  Billy & Blaze by C. W. Anderson
85.  Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony by C. W. Anderson
86.  The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Anderson retold by Deborah Hautzing
87.  Time for Bed, the Babysitter Said by Peggy Perry Anderson
88.  Captian Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs by Giles Andrea & Russell Ayto
89.  The Auction by Jan Andrews
90.  Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews
91.  All in a Day by Mitsumasa Anno
92.  Anno's Animals by Mitsumasa Anno
93.  Anno's Counting House by Mitsumasa Anno
94.  Anno's Flea Market by Mitsumasa Anno
95.  Anno's Italy by Mitsumasa Anno
96.  Blossom and Boo Stay Up Late by Sawn Apperley
97.  Salt Hands by Jane Chelsea Aragon
98.  The Hare & the Tortoise pictures by Paul Galdone

Books on Tape & CD
99. Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo
100.  Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo
101.  Mercy Watson Fights Crime by Kate DiCamillo
102.  Mercy Watson: Princes in Disguise by Kate DiCamillo
103.  Whittington by Alan Armstrong
104. Socks by Beverly Cleary
105. Ribsy by Beverly Cleary
106.  Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

I have yet to make a chart...but have gotten some great ideas from seeing what you all are doing!  Thanks for participating with us!  If you haven't joined in yet, and want to click here for more information about the 100 Books-a-Month Challenge.  (You can also click on the photo at the left hand side).  You can find out what other families are reading by clicking on their names to the left as well.

Happy Reading!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, I'm feeling better!  (Thanks Rana for the recipe link.)  The kids are feeling better.  We got out of the house yesterday for the afternoon, it was nice to be in some fresh air and be around people.

We woke up to snow.  I love it when it snows.  I love to walk out and hear the silence.  There's a special silence that seems to fall with snow.  I really like that.

Anyway, it melted away long before we were actually ready to get into it.  Oh, well.

Today?  Well, there are errands to be run--grocery store, post office, library, bread store....Then there the chores to complete--washing dishes, preparing meals, cleaning and straightening up.

I'm glad it's Friday!  I'm getting time to myself this weekend.  Take a little break from being "on stage."

Have a great weekend, each of you!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Our book this Monday is Extra! Extra! Fairy-Tale News from Hidden Forest by Alma Flor Ada, illustrated by Leslie Tryon.

We read it last evening and found it rather interesting. ( I found it funny.)  Basically, it's written in newspaper style using stories from well-known fairy-tales, as well as characters most children will know/remember (Big Wolf, Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Rabbit).  As we read the stories, which are short and cute, I'd ask my children, "what story is this from?" or "can you guess who this is about?"  There are three issues of the newspaper so that you get the conclusion to all stories started in the first issue.


I did have to do a bit of explaining about the Op-Ed pieces.  So it gave us some learning time too!  Definitely check it out if this piques your interest!

For more information on how you can join us in Book Sharing Monday, click here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Sick

I've spent the past day and night caring for the little ones who have a slight cold-like thing.  They're sleepy and a bit cranky.  Needing to blow their noses more than usual and picky about what they're willing to eat.  The Boy has a little temp.  But that's about all.  We've been reading books, watched two videos, eaten soup and are trying to drown ourselves in water!  It seems like they'll be feeling back to normal in the morning.

...but now I'm sick.  Don't you just hate that?  I've been taking garlic--which I swear by--and so I know that things would be MUCH worse if I hadn't!  But I'm feeling yuck and stuffy and achy and a bit cranky myself.

Anyone have a good recipe for soup that you SWEAR by for colds (that doesn't require gourmet ingredients)???  I'd be ever so grateful!  Thanks in advance.

Going back to bed now....

Found both photos through a Google search.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


We attended a friends birthday party this evening.  The girls have done it before but it was The Boy's first time.  They had a blast!  Here are some shots.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Library

I love books! My children love books! (very thankful for this...I've been working hard so that they would!)  So, today we took a trip to another library.  We went to 'our' library on Tuesday afternoon and got two bags full of books.  Ok. So they're overflowing! lol.

The libraries where we're living now are called community libraries, and for good reason.  All though these libraries belong to a system (by county) each library is unique to the neighborhood/town that it's in.  The library where we went today is one of the 'flagship' libraries (in a very affluent community).

We met our friends for some library fun!  Not only is the children's section well stocked with books, books on tape and CD, videos, DVDs, Leap Frog books & cartridges, computer games, etc. they also have puzzles, puppets & theater, and a Lego table making going to this library an actual playdate! (smile)  I know it's the community's way of making their library a fun and welcoming place.  I think it's great!  We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

While there, I did pick up several books on tape & CD so we can continue listening to stories as we ride in the car.  It really does make running errands a breeze!  No more complaining!  Well, except for the request for "another story!"

What do you enjoy about your library? How are you getting your children excited about books (and ultimately reading)?  I'm listening.... ;D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Day

Today we awoke just in time to take dh to work so we could have use of the car--we're back to sharing one vehicle (ugh!)  After breakfast and a quick clean up....and a bit of waiting (on the kids' part) our friends came over for a playdate!  There was some dressing up, some running around, some hitting and 'being mean' (that the mommies had to handle).  Then there was a movie & popcorn!  What a treat! (smile)  After our friends left, we ate lunch, attended to our dogs and made our way to the library.  We were able to get a nice stack of books from the 'A' authors section.  I made a quick stop at the store to pick up some pencils (it's amazing just how many we've gone through in this little bit of time) then headed back to pick daddy up from work.

Since we didn't take's an early bedtime (what I like best).  The girls will be listening to stories as they fall asleep tonight (again, after some time) as I found a great deal on a CD/Tape/Radio combo player at a thrift store.  They are very excited about this!

They'll be sound asleep before 8:15pm if I'm lucky!!!

How was your day?  What things did you get into?  I hope it was great!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Sharing Monday & Reading Challenge Update

With so many good books to choose from, it was a bit hard to decide which one we'd share today.  We're sharing A Pride of African Tales by Donna L. Washington, illustrated by James Ransome.

This book contains six tales from Ghana,  Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The stories all teach a lesson/moral and the pictures are nicely done.

We most enjoyed Anansi's Fishing Expedition--a Trickster Tale

and The Wedding Basket--a Taboo Tale.

Want to join me in Book Sharing Monday? Let Alex know over at Serendipity Homeschool.  You can also find a list of others who participate on her blog as well.

Now for January Update on 100 Books-a-Month Challenge:

Here's what we've read thus far.  We are going to the library tomorrow and will be getting only books from the 'A-B' authors section (children's section) to continue with this challenge as 'officially' begin our participation in the Reading My Library Challenge.

  1. All Kinds of Farms by Ann Larkin Hansen
  2. Crops on the Farm by Ann Larkin Hansen
  3. A Weekend with Wendell by Kevin Henkes
  4. A Box Full of Kittens by Sonia Manzano
  5. Mandela--from the life of the South African stateman by Floyd Cooper
  6. In the Barn-Historic Communities by Bobbie Kalman
  7. The Kitchen-Historic Communities by Bobbie Kalman
  8. Bog Brave Brian by M.P. Robertson
  9. Hilili and Dilili--A Turkish Silly Tale by Barbara K. Walker
  10. My Muslim Year--A Year of Religious Festivals by Cath Senker
  11. Money by Margaret hall
  12. Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes
  13. Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes
  14. Look & Find Mother Goose and Her Nursery-Rhyme Friends by Bob Terrio
  15. Little Green Thumbs by Mary An Van Hage
  16. The Story of Malcolm X--Civial Rights Leader by Megan Stine
  17. The Acron Tree and other Folktales retold by Anne Rockwell (10 stories in this book)
  18. A Pride of African Tales by Donna L. Washington (6 stories in this book)
  19. Michelle--Obamas First Family of Hope by Hal Marcovitz
  20. Nelson Mandela--the Fight Against Apartheid by Steven Otfinoski (read mainly to my oldest)
  21. 101 words and how they began by Arthur Steckler
  22. Mother Teresa--Caring For All God's Children by Betsy Lee
  23. Mahatma Gandhi--People Who Have Helped the World by Michael Nicholson (oldest child)
  24. Owen by Kevin Henkes
  25. So Happy by Kevin Henkes

From the A's
26. Yanosh's Island by Yossi Abolafia
27. Araminta's Paint Box by Karen Ackerman
28. Jordi's Star by Alma Flor Ada
29. Black is Brown is Tan by Arnold Adoff
30. Nothing by Jon Agee
31. My Building by Robin Isabel Ahrens
32. The Grass is Always Greener by Jez Alborough
33. Where Does the Trail Lead? by Burton Albert
34. Blackboard Bear by Martha Alexander
35. Max and the Dumb Flower Picture by Martha Alexander
36. The Three Little Kittens by Anna Alter
37. Me, All Alone, at the End of the World by M.T. Anderson

Books on Tape/Cd
38. Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
39. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
40. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
41. Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles
42. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
43. Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park*
44. Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaking Peeky Spying by Barbara Park*
45. Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth by Barbara Park*
46. Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business by Barbara Park*

Books Read by Daddy (from our personal library)
47. Zen Ties by Jon J Muth
48. The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses by Joana Cole & Bruce Degen
49. Goggles! by Ezra Jack Keats
50. Is it True Grandfather? by Wendy Lohse
51. Ladybug, Ladybug by Kathleen N. Daly
52. Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet Allan Ahlberg
53. The Eyes of Gray Wolf by Jonathan London
54. Red Riding Hood by James Marshall
55. The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang
56. The Magic School Bus-Inside Ralphie by Scholastic
57. Cherries and Cherry Pits by Vera B. Williams
58. Amazing Lizards! by Fay Robinson
59. Click! Flash! Barbara Applin

Not bad...I'm always surprised by the actual numbers once I write them down.  Yeah, I haven't gotten our chart up but...but it's coming! ;-)

Happy Reading!!

* These books by Barbara Park I've only let my oldest, 7yo, listen to the story.  We've already had a few conversations about Junie's behavior and how her words/thoughts affect others.  I wouldn't recommended this series for little ones--although Junie, herself, is in Kindergarten. Just my opinion.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


It's really raining here. Not what I expected when I opened the blinds this morning.  My daughter asked me, "well, what were you expecting, Mommy?"  I said, "I don't know, just didn't expect rain."

Rain makes we want to get back into bed and sleep...or read or knit--until I fall asleep.  There is a laziness that it seems to bring.  There is plenty that I could be doing, perhaps, should be doing but today I think I'll give into my wants....

The kids are between playing and listening to stories on CD (they've become a God-send!)!  Hopefully they won't notice that I'm back in bed.  It's amazing how their radar goes off when we (moms) get to doing something of our choosing. 

So, I'm off to find a book to lull me back to sleep.  Oh, let me alert the daddy over here.  He needs to know that he's on stage, now!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday no matter the weather!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Order

In all my talking about getting things in order and reading others' blogs on their tips and recommendations I  have been able to get through one of my major jobs--the clothes, well, at least the children's.  I'm hoping that it's more than just a semblance of order!!!

I've also made several bags of give-away (for family & friends with smaller children and for the Goodwill).

I'm glad to be able to check off this 'job' from my list.  It's also given us a bit more room to move around in our classroom.

I also organized and put away my sewing (fabric, patterns), knitting (yarn) and other craft items.

Breathing a little bit more easy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I couldn't go through this day without thinking about and praying for the people of Haiti.  I have chosen not to watch the news, but have done a good bit of reading of news and commentary.  I am deeply sadden by some of the things I've read (those who believe we shouldn't help; Haiti "got what it deserved") as well as thankful for all those who believe it is our responsibility to assist, help, send aid, pray, volunteer, etc. I've received plenty of emails and other notices, as I'm sure many of you have too.

I've decided to share, here, a bit about Haiti, that I didn't know myself.  Growing up  in the United States, I have learned that if I really want to know something about myself, my heritage, another's heritage or history--other than the dominate culture's, I have to go in search of it.  It's not found neatly in the standard history books and if it is, there is a good chance it's not being told by the people who actually experienced it.

Haiti was the world's first independent Black republic. Haiti's former slaves took on Napoleon and declared their independence from France in 1804, decades before the U.S. and the rest of the Western Hemisphere would end slavery. In those years, the small island nation was seen as a thorn in the side of its neighbors in the Americas and Europe. With their act of defiance, Haitians proved that Black people could govern themselves at a time when leaders of the world's most powerful countries considered Africans and African descendants less than human.

My prayers go out to all the people who live there, have family members there, are rushing in to help and give care.  No person or people "deserve" ill will, deserve harm to their bodies and loss of everything near and dear to them.

I ask that you join me in prayer, positive thoughts, but don't stop there. Find ways that you can help.  I'm in the process of doing that right now with my husband (we've raised money to send at his high school) and also checking into purchasing basic supplies to send in shoeboxes (like we done in the past for our troops and people in Africa).

And while you're being thankful for what you have and the children in your lives, say a special prayer for the children of Haiti who have lost the life that they've known.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now Back to My Life....Already In Progress

We've finally gotten back to some schooling....these are just a few shots from our time today.  My girls are really into this getting dressed for school! (Thanks Em, again, for the uniforms--they LOVE them!) The boy still has on pajamas, as do I! lol.



I haven't pushed my oldest into reading/writing--but just this week she's broken the code and we're flying through things!  We're using Saxon Phonics, so she's had the basis for awhile now. We also do a TON of reading.  I am glad that she's motivated to do this, as I don't have the energy to prod her along.  Plus, I find it needlessly unnecessary and a bit stressful to own it for her--I want her [each of them, actually] to desire to learn.  I'm so THANKFUL she's owning it for herself.  And from the shots above, you can see that the other two are owning theirs as well.  (I let them each choose what they wanted to do--the boy chose playdoh and the sweetiegirl chose cut, paste & color.)

How is your day going? What things are you getting into?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

The book we're sharing this week has quickly become one of my son's favorite.  It's BIG BRAVE BRIAN! by M. P. Robertson. 

I think the reason why my son likes it so much is because I replaced the name Brain with his name!  I also read it in a super-hero-announcer-style-voice! lol  Yeah, he loves it!

In this book Brian isn't afraid of anything....well, almost anything.  Once we found out what it was, I had to admit that I've been a bit afraid of that something too! It's a picture book with few words.  If you have little guy, perhaps, he'll enjoy it too!

We're completing this set of book and will get more this week from the library in our 100 Books-a-Month Challenge.  We'll get from the 'A' authors so we can participate in the Reading My Library Challenge.

Would you like to join us in Books Sharing Monday?  Let Alex know over at Serendipity Homechool.

If it's's Book Sharing Monday! (smile)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Juggling & Brainstorming

As I child this was one of my favorite circus acts--the jugglers.  The ones who had five or six different things (knives, torches of fire, balls, bins) going at the same time.  I also enjoyed watching them juggle things between two or three persons.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it was the dangerousness of it, the wondering "what will happen if..."  Each time it ended perfectly, without injury or anything falling on the ground.

I've never learned to juggle myself.  I've tried.  Just have never gotten the rhythm down.  My husband, on the other hand, is pretty good at it.  He often entertains the kids with his skills.

My point?

I've actually been juggling so many things, emotionally, physically, mentally, interpersonally....and now that two things have been taken OUT of my rotation I am feeling SUCH a relief (completing school, passing national certification test!).  It's like I can finally exhale.....

So as I'm planning for next week (we're starting back to some more structured time in homeschooling) I am paying close attention that I do NOT fill the empty space, so to speak, with more that will end of making me feel overwhelmed and drained!

Now that I have a few less things to do--I've been brainstorming.  I guess I'm always brainstorming in some form--jotting things down, rethinking, processing, coming up with more creative ideas.  I want to utilize what I have without over extending myself and my family (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially).

I've already come up with some really cool things to incorporate our homeschooling friends, continue in our 100 Books-a-Month & Reading My Library Challenges, as well as making sure we're getting plenty of fresh air, good food, exercise, down time, creative time, etc. etc.  I'm hoping to put them in place within the next week or two.

[Photo credit: found on Google search here.]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year...New Space...New Blog!

I just wanted to share with those of you who find me here that I've created another space where I'll be exploring and discovering more of the details of my life. After yesterday's post and just thinking about all the things I'd like to get into this year I went ahead and put together a space for that.  It's my discovering space.  I will be doing some of the 'regular' things I've been doing here (8 things, Favorite Things Fridays, Authenticity, Six Words) there now.   I would love to have you stop by and grace the space with your presence, your thoughts & comments and positive energy!!

I will still be here sharing with you about how things are going homeschool-wise, family-wise, parent-wise, get the picture! (smile)

I'm excited!!  Click here.

Photo credit: I found the above photo here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Plans for 2010

Found image here

It's that time of year again.  When I'm making plans, arranging things, sorting through, purging, hoping, investigating, making lists, etc.  I've taken a break from my regular computer usage, reading blogs and writing on my own.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today. As a look around my house I see SO MUCH that needs to be taken care of (loads of laundry need to be folded & put away, books need to be put on the shelf, the classroom is in disarray, Christmas decorations need to be officially packed up, etc.).

But, there is an excitement that I'm feeling right now, too.  It's the excitement that I used to get when I was preparing for the first day of school.  You know that feeling! ;-)  I've decided that we're taking another week off to get things in a bit more order. (Plus I'm preparing for my national cert test on Thursday for Massage Therapy--my side, side gig! lol!)

We are taking little steps. Cleaning here and there. Playing with Legos and making up stories as we dress-up.  Between washing dishes and preparing meals, I'm jotting things down.  While looking through books and reading aloud to the children, I'm thinking, and hoping and planning!

This year we're moving back South (prayers made, fingers-tightly crossed!).  So this mean another major packing up.  I've promised myself that I will NOT be moving back with the same junk I moved up here with.  There are still boxes, if only a few, in the basement that I haven't even opened since moving up here in 2008.  So, they will be the first to go!  Now that I'm really thinking about all of this, there is a lot that I will need to put into place.  Yeah, a list will be good!

Homeschool-wise, I've been looking over the plans that I wrote out in Aug of 2009.  Many of those things I will continue to do.  This year I'm going to implement a theme for each month--actually a monthly virtue that we'll learn about, read stories that reinforce it, memorize a poem related to it and do a few other things as well.  I'll be using the Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett as a guide and will also use other resources as I find them.

Money Monday has been a real hit, thus far.  Each Monday (well, almost every Monday) I've done a short lesson on money.  The children have learned about all the coins (a little history about them) and how to count them.  My oldest, of course, as taken to counting them better than her siblings, but I expected that.  Whenever I get change back at the store I tell her if she can count it, she can have it.  This has been very motivating for her, to say the least.

I am a big fan of geography and have several maps on the walls of our classroom.  It's important to me that my children know where they are and where everyone is.  Moving has really helped them pay attention to states and where things are located.  I want to continue with this.

Our Phonics/Reading lessons, if you will, have been sporadic at best.  I found that there was too much resistance and didn't want it to turn into something ugly so I've backed off.  Jaya asked me the other day if I'd teach her to read, so we'll be doing something in this area again on a more consistent basis.  I think now that she's reading and showing the desire to actually read we'll have a bit more success!

I'm wanting to do some more creative things as well as doing some personal growing and sharing.  I've decided to start a separate blog for this as I see, from my more recent posts of last year, I've been focusing more on "me" then homeschooling here.  Not that the two cannot coincide.  I just think I'd like a different space for that.  I realize that this will take a few weeks of transition, but I'll keep you up to date if you're interested in following me there. (smile)  I also have a creative blog if you'd like to check that out. [Well, the "few days" have turned into a "few hours!"  It's up...check it out here!]

With the move coming up, I also want to take advantage of the time we do have here.  We've done a lot of exploring and site seeing.  But there are a few places I do want to go before we leave.  I also want to make the most of connecting, playing and enjoying the friends we've made since being here.  They have truly made our time away from our homeschool group, Kid Cultivators Homeschool Group, more bearable!  From my 3 yo son's perspective they are our only friends--and they're good friends at that!  (Wow! I'm getting sad.)

Another thing I want to do is to cultivate the relationships I've made here--online.  We took an impromptu trip to Kentucky after Christmas and I was able to meet a few virtual friends in person.  We had a wonderful time and I was thankful to have had that opportunity to spend time with them.  It also showed me that the time I spend reading blogs and getting to know others here isn't wasted.  It isn't fake or phony.  Well, it could be--but I have not found it so and see by your comments left here and on other blogs that you're just as real as I am.

From my meeting with Claudia, Lisa & Will Samson.  I've been inspired to do some writing of my own.  I've always wanted to write a few children's books.  I've even been writing some poetry.  Even if I don't officially publish anything, I do want to explore this more in 2010.  It may only be to keep up my blogs and journal.  But who knows, I may do more!

With reading challenge that I've started and the one I've joined I definitely have plans to read, read, read!  In addition to everything that I'm reading to my kids I've even found time to read a few books for myself.  I'm hoping to finish them and get in some more.

Well, I'm sure as I go through the rest of this week I will think of more things to add to my lists.  There will be more hopes and dreams that I'll have.  And I'll add them.  For now, this seems to be enough!

What plans do you have for the new year?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Sharing Monday & a New Challenge

Happy New Year, again!
Here's a nice book to start off your new year!
Since starting the 100 Books-a-Month Challenge in November,
we've been reading some really great books.
The one we're sharing this Monday is NOTHING by Jon Agee.

This story tickled me as I'm in a continual process of organizing, purging, making also amused my children. 

Otis, who is an antique store owner has finally sold his last item when the richest lady in town enters his store.  She asks what's on sale.  When he informs her that he has nothing, she tells him she doesn't have any of that and wants to buy it.  He explains that he actually has nothing.  She says she'll buy it for $300. 

He reluctantly then carries nothing to her car and she's off.  This, of course, starts a new trend in town of people buying nothing, making room (by getting rid of their stuff) for nothing and enjoying nothing.  There's a bit more to the story, but I'll let you check it out and enjoy it with your children! ;-)

Happy Reading!!!

Would you like to join us in Book Sharing Monday?  Let Alex know over at Serendipity Home School.

Also, if you'd like to join us in the 100 Books-a-Month Challenge, we'd love to have in that as well!  Click here for more information!

In reading Alex's blog today, I found out about another challenge, which I've joined!!  It's Reading My Library--which we're already doing!!  It's funny.  I started the 100 Books-a-Month to make it through our library's children's books.  We have read a few from our personal library, of course, but my goal is to read books from the library which we've never read.  We'll get a bit more organized by joining this challenge as we'll be reading A-Z.  Plus, it will connect us with another network of families who are reading and sharing book recommendations.  How awesome is that?

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010--Happy New Year!

Taking time to enjoy this first day in 2010.
Thinking about all the possibilities this new year holds.
Where will I go?
Who will I see?
What will I meet?
How will I make things better?
How flexible will I become through all the challenges I'll face?
Will I be happy with my choices?
How will I fill this new chapter in my life?

How will you begin to fill
your blank page? 
(perhaps your page isn't blank...what will be added?)
I've love to hear from you....please comment below!

Happy New Year!


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