Friday, March 29, 2013

To The Symphony We Go

I have been wanting to take the kids to the symphony for some time now.  You know how life goes, though.  Unless you're intentional about making things happen, life will keep throwing things at you. Well, I finally made some calls, invited some friends and booked a date.

We have been learning, off and on, about instruments and composers and so my three were excited about being able to hear some of the music 'live and in person.'

When we arrived and began the wait on those joining us and the start of the performance, I spoke with one of the security guards in the building.  He was making note of the fact that so many young people who live in the city rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to visit and participate in the local cultural and arts events happenings around the metro area.  We reminised about how our parents would just tell us this is something you must know about.  There were many things that, whether we initially saw the benefit of, they made sure we were exposed to.

I have often found it interesting that so many parents nowadays will opt out of the exposure to something new simply because their children express opposition to it.  It's as if they've forgotten (or, never learned) that children learn the value of things from the parents/adults in their lives.  It is our job to do the exposing; to push them into new experiences; to share in their learning; to require things of them that they may not enjoy or like.  This is not to be mean or cruel, it's just that there are some things we know and understand better then they can.

I am definitely thankful for all the required attendances I had to make; the required reading and learning.  I didn't find everything useful then, but honestly, what child does?  It's in the looking back and remembering as one gets older; seeing how that trip to the museum or concert or play put the desire in me to do x, y, z...

It was definitely worth our time today.  I enjoyed it and my children said they did to.  But whether or not they had, I think that this exposure was helpful.  We may go again, or not, but they have had the experience of listening and viewing an award willing symphony orchestra playing a vareity of music live and in person.

They can now imagine themselves in those roles.  Whether or not it turns into anything is inconsequenial.  There are things that I now understand as a parent that I must now do with my children as my parents did with me.  There is value in it---one day they may be able to share similar things with their children.

Continuing in the journey....


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