Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thift Store Finds!

I love finding steals...i mean the thrift store.  Books are always a good find, if looking in the right ones and at $.10 a piece it's hard to leave them! (I know, I just got rid of some!!!)

This first batch is more activity based books--mazes, hidden pictures, math puzzles & riddles. I also found a lot of beginner reading books (not pictured) for Pretty Girl.

With all the reusing, re-purposing, even 'upcycling' I've been reading about, I decided to take a look in the domestics department and found some wonderful pieces of fabric, some 2 or 3 yard pieces.  I have plans for each piece I purchased (between $1 and $2 a piece--better than the fabric store!).

I see a few more sun dresses (one for me as well) a couple of bags (the canvas fabric will be perfect for them)!

I've been wanting to redo an old lampshade or two for my girls' room.  I finally found the kind I've been looking for and for $.50 each I got both!  I think I'll include them on this project (adding beads and ribbons). 

There were several other pieces that caught my eye, but I want to start and complete these projects first before diving into getting other things.  I'm already planning for our new space but will wait until after the move before picking up larger pieces.

Do you like thrifting?  What things have you stumbled upon?


Our Pace said...

Wow! That's amazing!

Rana said...

You got a lot of goodies. I'll be looking forward to seeing the sundresses and your other projects.


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