Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Mumbles

I've been reading TOOJMama's blog, Circling the Square Table, for awhile and decided to join in on her Monday Mumbles thing.  Here are 10 things I'm thinking about this Monday Morning (almost afternoon). :D

1. What is up with all the pollen?  Yeah, I know, it's Spring but my sinuses are hurting.  I guess I will have to try this netti pot.

2. I gave two awesome massages last evening.  I say awesome because it was nice to give a relaxing massage--candles, music, near quietness--it's relaxing for my spirit as well.  I'm really enjoying being a MT.  Hopefully my clients felt the same way! :D

3. Two months.  That's all I have left (well, there might we a week or two).  It's not enough time to do everything I want to do.  I talked with my cousin via email about this very thing this weekend.  Her family is moving South about the same time too.  When she said two months I had to stop and think (and look at the calendar to confirm).  One thing that I'm thankful for is that I've taken advantage of my time here--I've been seizing the days!!

4. Two months.  Isn't a lot of time to pull all this stuff together.  My dh and I have decided that we're not going to move back with a lot of this stuff.  We've started identifying the furniture that will be remaining here.  There is part of me that is excited about this--it's almost a relief.  There is another part that wants to jump in and say, "Hey, wait a minute, aren't we gonna need that?"  Yeah, we probably will but we'll learn to live without it! (I'm being brave at this moment--lol!)

5. The boy is getting sooooooooo tall.  Last week he woke up on day was I could see he was taller.  He's loosing those juicy little cheeks I've kissed on for about 3.5 years.  He's growing up.  You can hear him telling everyone, "I'm NOT a baby!" or "I'm NOT a little boy!!" Correcting them with, "I'm a BIG boy!"  He tickles me.  I love him dearly.

6.  Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is always trying to one up you?  I'm still in one of those.  SMH  I can't believe it sometimes.  I think, "really?" and I look and listen and say, "yep! that's what it is!"  Because this is not my motivation it often takes me off guard--well, it takes me off guard most every time I recognize what's happening.  I have to say that the longer I live the better I handle these kinds of interactions.  I have to remember that it's not about me and as long as I keep focus on what I'm about it doesn't have to impact me at all. (I'm growing!!) :D

7.  My little sweetie pie will be 5 at the end of this month.  She has been coming into her own more and more each day.  She sees her big sister reading and writing and is doing her best to keep up.  I was talking to her this morning and letting her know that she will learn when it's her time.  It's ok if it doesn't happen in the same way.  She smiled broadly with that magical smile she has and those eyes that sparkle and said, "Mommy, I know."  She's my sweet heart!!

8.  Today is laundry day.  I've been putting it off.  I'm so behind.  It's ashame.  I just don't like having to go to the basement (dungeon) to do it.  We are living in a home with four levels (including the basement) so besides the fact that laundry isn't my favorite and that I have several flights of stairs to walk up and down, I must go into a dark and damp basement.  UGH!  But we must have clean underwear--so to the basement I go!

9.  We spent the end of last week and most of the weekend with our friends.  It's been a lot of fun and although we Mama's have had to lead out having the kids play together has given us a bit of a break.  The weather is supposed to be nice all week--so the weather reports say.  If it actually turns out that way we will have to get over to our creek and hopefully with our friends again!

10. I was looking at my first born this morning during breakfast.  Listening to her giving instructions to her brother and sister.  Watching her pour her own cereal and milk.  Seeing how independent she's become.  Listening to her plans for today and what she's reading and listening to (on CD) and how much she's enjoying it.  She's becoming more of herself each day.  I'm really liking who she is and I'm proud to be her mother!

Well, now that I've gotten those things off my mind....let me get back to laundry!  I'm hoping that each of you have a great day today.  If you're at all interested in joining in check out the blog above.

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