Friday, April 2, 2010

One Small Change :: April

All week long I've been thinking and rethinking this One Small Change Challenge.  I recently joined this challenge which started in January of this year.  For the past two months I've made some changes that are new and we're getting adjusted to them.  I've even made a lot of changes as I look back over the past year and have not wanted to take the 'easy' way out by simply repeating or restating ones I've already made simply for this challenge, as I haven't chronicled them here.

We recycle, compost, and reuse.  We've changed cleaners, hair and body products (usually make our own).  We cut out much of the paper-product use around the house (paper towels, napkins).  All the obvious (to me) ones, we've done our best to change.  Honestly, it's been rather hard for me to come up with something.  I've talked with friends and read through blogs to see what others are doing--to get some more ideas.  No such luck....until today! :D

I went to the One Small Change blog to see what new things have been posted/shared.  But before I click on their list of ideas I saw a post about reusable produce bags!  As I read it I thought--THAT'S IT!  Funny how things come together like this.  I was just talking to dh about the fact that it would be nice to have something other than using all those plastic bags to tote produce in when shopping at our local health food store.  (On my last few trips I've used a large tote bag.)  When I saw these bags that Stephanie sewed I thought, "These are just what we need!"

So, for the month of April, our One Small Change is switching from those plastic bags the store provides to using reusable bags for our produce.  This means that I'll be either purchasing some from Stephanie's Etsy shop or making them myself.  My decision will depend largely how just where they'll be shipped from--as I don't want to add more to the environment in this way--so I'll let you know during my mid-month update on what we've done.

So what small change will you and your family be making for April?  I'd love to be inspired by you, as well! :D  Have a wonderful weekend!!


Stephinie said...

Hello there :) Your bags are on their way, I hope you enjoy them!

~Leslie said...

OOOH! I can't wait!!! :D

Jaimie said...

Great idea! I swear, the best thing about this project is seeing all the other things people came up with. Each month I wracked my brain because we also already do a lot, and each month I've been so inspired by other people. I recently made a bag for my kids' bath toys from leftover mesh fruit and veggie bags, and now I think I'll do the same for produce. Good luck with everything!


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