Monday, April 19, 2010

Outside of Doors :: April 19

Today the sky was simply lovely--very blue with light white clouds.  It was very deceiving, though. The wind made it rather chilly.  Despite it all, we spent about 5 hours outside!  We started by meeting cousins at a park to play, made a pit-stop to visit Daddy turning lunchtime and then spent the rest of the afternoon with friends running.  Take a look....

Here are other families who are participating:
lisasanders, angelina, phyllis, sarah, christie, jennifer, debbie, dong dong, denise,luisa, joy, stephanie, cori, alex, dawn, kristen, catherine, tricia,becky, christy, ruth, kari, courtney,branflakes,jessica, renee, haiku,brynn, amy, clemencia, sherry, leslie, lise, renee, anet, jenn, marina, amy, ella, marcia, karen, beth,julie,kyndale,kelly,lizzie, eileen,ag, mari-ann, cindy, robin, nicole, debbie, julia, renee, anita,lisa, jenn, montessori, marita,jeannie, hallie, mandy, kangaroo, andrea, joey, carmen, teena, stephinie, gidget, elizabeth, emma, rosina, saminda, melissa, katie, becca, atouria, barbara, ariella,missy, elizabeth, sarah, eileen, lisa, stacy, jennifer, tulsileaf, lisa C, morticia, angela, rana,jamie,lisa c, luz, charley, heather, valerie, kirsten, rachel, annie, kendra, beth s, lindseymichelle, megan, jen, jenni, gabbyrenee,korina, linda, adventurekerrs, laura, melissa, eva, jenny, amber, deb, wendy, courtney, shanti, msrev, kellyi, tammy, julia  , maureen,indigomum, andrea, mindy, becky, dawn, sarah,michelle, shelley, amber, nicole, cara, ginny, kris, tawnie, nancy, alex, kathi, ana, sarah m, stephanie, jen, dena, sharon, courtney, colleen, jillian, jennifer, amanda, desiree, vanchy,

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Rana said...

It's so much fun to be able to get together with family. You look like you had a beautiful day.


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