Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ironing & Sewing

I woke up today and wanted to make something--sew something specifically.  I looked through my stash of fabric and then through my drawer of patterns and picked out a simple and easy one.  A sun dress for my pretty girl (Kanga).

We started with an ironing lesson.  The fabric has been folded up for such a long time and the girls wanted to help! :D

Then I moved on to the laying out the pattern pieces (which made me realize just what I usually sew with my mother--this is the part of sewing I don't enjoy.  She's so good at it!!)

So between cooking and encouraging the children to tidy up their rooms.  Between answering a lot of questions and asking little hands not to touch Mommy's machine, I completed the first dress.

The finished product.

Modeled by my pretty girl! :D  We'll see what tomorrow brings!


Daphne said...

Awww..what a sweet little dress and sweet little girls :D I'm a sewing mommy too. Just wanted to say hello.

Rana said...

I love the colors and style of this dress. This reminds me of the days with my mom watching her cut out patterns and helping her pin them. I loved helping her sew. Memories your girls will never forget.


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