Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mumbles

Well, it's yet another Monday.
Yes, there are things on my mind today!
I will limited them to 10 as suggested by TOOJ @ Circling the Square Table! :D
Let the mumbling begin.....

1. What is it about Mondays?  Although I don't have to leave my home to work for someone not related to me, it's still hard to get up!!!!  I guess all those years of having to (and hating Mondays) is still with me.  SMH

2.  I am definitely feeling the pressure of moving today.  I made myself an outline on how I'd be tackling this move--May starts the beginning of my official packing.  This month I've been purging.  We've decided to leave a good amount of the furniture we currently have here.  It's time to let things go on many levels.  I've been through clothes, papers, books, kitchen things, fabric, crafts, yarn, toys....and am still feeling overwhelmed.

3. I need to mediate and find my center. (inhale.....exhale!)

4. I am so tickled to find out that there are people interested in my blog(s).  I'm getting so many more comments (THANK YOU!) and emails (from those who don't comment publicly--shout out to my Daddy!!! Keith!! AuntE!!).  I so appreciate your kinds words and encouragement.  It makes my day!!! :D

5. The Boy is really handling up with regards to potty training.  I've really been slacking and not making a big deal out of it.  I've taught him what to do and remind him but haven't been following through like I did with the girls (ok, the oldest)!  But he's been taking himself to the potty and asking to go when we're out of the house.  I'm so thankful for his self-motivation!!!!  Cuz it's sure helping me out, right about now!!

6. Today is the last day Sweetie-pie will be 4.  I was just looking at photos of her as a baby the other day.  She was my sweet little baby.  Tomorrow she'll be 5.  SMH  I can't believe it.  Time is just moving right along (faster than I'd like it to in that regard).  Planning something special for you on your special day!!

7.  If Pretty Girl doesn't stop asking me about giving Sweetie-pie her gifts.......(yeah, I feel like I'm gonna snap!!!)  I am thankful that she's excited about giving her sister what she picked out for her.  I even know it's killing her to keep this secret.  But HOLD IT!!!  You've got one more day, baby! :D

8. What is it about kids with paper and scissors?  Do your kids like cutting paper into itty bitty shreds? I mean teeny tiny shreds.  I mean slices of paper so small it looks like confetti!! Every day we sweep the classroom floor and almost immediately they go back to cutting.  I do like that they enjoy arts and crafts--but all this cutting almost seems pointless (especially since they loathe cleaning it up!).

9. I will miss being here in PA.  My kids and I have been able to wander on the land that both my mother and father were raised on.  Their homes aren't standing anymore, but the surroundings haven't changed that much. In sharing photos with them they both shared that they had never imagined that their grandchildren would one day play where they once did.  Many of the photos I post are of that land (the open fields).  There is some sacred about this experience.  There is something about us being on the same land where our people are from.  We have more connection with this place than I can articulate.

10. As I look around and think about the people who matter to me, I see that each of us seems to be in place of change, of movement.  I've talked to several of my folk and a couple of them are actually moving--relocating, like me as well.  There is something comforting in knowing that there are others doing the same thing as you.  But not only in a physical moving, I'm finding that there are people who are seeking to live in ways that speak to the best of what God asks of us.  Whether it be in relationship to the earth, to our neighbors, to our enemies, to our families, to ourselves.  In reading through the blogs I follow and stumble upon to the new connections I'm making online and in person, I'm seeing that we're all moving to the positive.  We are letting the clutter of the superficial go and diving into the deep and meaningful.  I'm so glad to be finally tapping into this community. I've stood on the outside of the mainstream for so long, I've finally stopped wanting to be let in.  Hopefully there are others, even some of you here, who are finding it and joining in too! (more on this to come)

That's all for right now.  If you'd like to mumble on Mondays, let TOOJ know over at Circle the Square Table.

Enjoy your day! :D

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