Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today was very hot! It felt like we were already back in the South.  Got up to the 90s.  After spending some time inside we headed to the creek--our favorite spot.

After wading and exploring some, it started raining, just a bit.  So we loaded back up and headed home (it was almost dinner time, anyway).  By the time we reached our house, less than 10 minutes later, we were hit with hail.  That's right.  Hail.  Golf ball size ice falling from the sky. SMH  We made it to the porch just in time to miss the totally down pour.  All while the sun was shining brightly.  It was amazing.

I am glad to say that it cooled down, immensely! :D


TulsiLeaf said...

That weather is crazy!

Lovely pictures.

Rana said...

Wow hail and sunshine! That is crazy. I wish we had a creek to wade in. Our lake is nice to look at but it's not very clean for swimming in.


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