Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mumbles

Hope that you're Monday is going well.  I'm taking a bit of a break and decided to check back in here.  I'm participating in Circling the Square Table's Monday Mumbles--10 random things on my mind today.

1. I am feeling rather scattered today.  So scattered in fact, that I'm not getting to much done.

2. I have made dough for our loaves and rolls for the week.  Just waiting for them to rise--then I can bake them.

3. Got back to laundry today. UGH!  I really don't mind the doing of laundry, since it only consists of putting in and removing things from the washing machine and dryer (no big deal, right?).  What I hate about it here is that it's in the basement.  I hate going down there!!!  But we need clean close, huh? lol

4. One of the groups of students my husband teaches is attempting to surprise him today.  They had to involve me.  SMH  I don't mind at all--helping them out--and have come up with my 'plan' however, I know that he will inevitably be annoyed with me until he's surprised. 

5. Yesterday I was sooooooo tired.  Like preggo tired.  Like I feel asleep on my kids twice (for 30+ minutes each time).  What is my problem????  [NO, I am not preggo!!  Perhaps my iron is low.]

6. I've done a good bit of packing and am actually having to slow down a bit.  Many of the things left to back are things we use regularly.  I've put away most everything else.  Oh, I can pack the china--forgot about that.

7. We released our butterflies yesterday evening.  There will be a post for this specifically with photos.  It was a nice experiences watching them change from caterpillars into butterflies.

8. The boy is really into dinosaurs.  Right now he's drawing pictures of them and telling me stories about them, with sound effects, of course!!

9.  The girls are back to getting along again.  They've been going through these cycles of arguing non-stop to constantly playing together.  We're on the other side now....oh, wait, I hear them arguing again.  I guess I was wrong.  lol

10. I just started another good book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I've been on the library's waiting list for this book for at least 4 months.  Now I have 14 days (10 now) to complete it and get it back.  I'm feeling a bit of pressure.  Hopefully I'll get it finished in time (so I don't incur late fees)!

What things are on your mind or filling up your thoughts today?

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