Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mumbles

10 random thoughts on my mind this Monday...

1. It's yet another rainy Monday.  I'm striving to see past it! (lol)

2. Surprised one of my husband's classes with cake today after their final exam.  They're a great bunch of kids.  Each of them is uniquely her/his own person.  I've gotten to know over this year.  Great bunch of kids.  I will miss them.

3. Finally getting myself back in gear. I can see the floor again in my living room. lol  Yeah, it's been one of those weeks (last week, at least) but it's back to 'normal.'

4. It's gonna be another full week.  Full of goodbyes.  I'm excited to see my people one last time.  At the same time I'm also sad.  I've enjoyed this time with my folk.

5. My 7yo is going onto her crying stage again? I guess it's her turn....She's whining and complaining about everything.  She will cry at the drop of a hat, well, not real tears...I've been talking to her about how she's feeling about everything that's happening.  Hopefully with some understanding on my part and processing on hers we can get through this period.

6.  I have one of the most talented and insightful aunts around.  I spent some time with her again today.  It's been wonderful to be living near her and to have not only her advise, but her friendship.  Plus, it's always good to laugh!!

7. Music really does ease my nerves....gets me back in the flow of things.  I've filled up the cd player with all my favorite cds and we've been jammin', jazzin', rock & rollin' and of course, R&B-ing!

8. While folding clothes I asked my son to come and get his clothes to put them away.  He proceeds down the steps with one of his flying toys and says that his toy will be taking is clothes up to his room.  They're still 'flying' up and down the stairs with one article of clothing at a time.  SMH.  Whatever works, right?!

9. Want to clear off my table so I can get a few last sewing projects completed before I really have to pack things up.  There's always another thing that comes to mind that I want to get at.  I need to stop following links online to these cute little projects!  (fat chance!)

10. My children still want me to pick them up. I guess they truly believe that I'm strong enough or perhaps its that they don't really understand just how heavy they've become.  Well, I suggested that they climb into my bag so I could carry them that way.  I could only hold them long enough to snap a photo.  SMH.  I guess in a little bit they'll realize that I'm not the 'super hero' they think I am.  Here are two pictures of them in my bag!

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Kathryn Ray said...

Those photos are priceless. :-)


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