Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Good Morning!

The book we're sharing today is Yoga for Kids by Bel Gibbs.

This books is full of great (and sometime funny) full-color photos of children demonstrating different Yoga poises.  I've been enjoying doing Yoga (sporadically) and whenever I am able to do it, the kids always want to join in.  When we saw this book at the library they immediately asked for it.  There are also explanations as well as benefits games/activities for other uses (at the end of the book).

My children are thoroughly enjoying this practice and we think you will too! :D

Happy Book Sharing Monday to you!!

Click here to join in or see the links of others who participate @ Serendipity Home School


Alex said...

Yeah Mr. Linky worked! Thanks for sharing. My son has always enjoyed yoga too, not that we do it that often...

Jacqui said...

We have a children's yoga book too - my 3 year old loves to do the lion breath. but we are also a bit sparadic in our practice :)


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