Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I got us up and out earlier than we've been in a long time.  I figured I'd capitalize on the fact that the sun is now starting the day earlier here, making it a bit easier to get out of bed.  We ran a few errands and got back just in time for our 'usual' breakfast--9:30 am.

Yesterday I announced to the kids that today I'd be spending the day in the kitchen.  I usually dread these times--as I disdain washing dishes (as quiet as it's kept).  I've been on a roll with packing (YAY!) and have done my best NOT to be in the kitchen any more than necessary.  Well, today I needed to clean up a bit more and cook.  I also decided that I'd stay off my computer until late in the evening (it's amazing just how much I can get done when I keep it off!)!!

I'm tired.  But I think I was tired most of the day.  I drank a cup of coffee to help perk me up--it did (I haven't had one in a couple months).  We made two loaves of bread, a bunch (45 to be exact) rolls, an apple pie (long story--needed to use up the apples before they went bad), some granola bars (with some sweetness this time) and made cookie dough to be baked tomorrow (just didn't feel up to standing in the kitchen any longer).

Of course while all this was happening there are other things happening to.  The kids played out side, while I cleaned.  They drew with chalk, blew some bubbles and, their favorite, played in the dirt & plants.  They got so dirty that I had to call them in one at a time to take a bath--which made bedtime a breeze this evening! (smile)  They were really good helpers today--taking out the trash, sorting the recycling and getting to food scraps ready for composting.  We did some reading, most packing and game playing.

The day was full.  Really full.  But it was good.  As I sit here now on the computer and read through my blog roll (leaving comments here and there), checking email, etc.  I have to say: Today was a good day.

It's raining now, off and on, the house is quiet, smells of fresh baked bread (last loaf just came out).  I even have time to read a bit before I need to sleep.  I hope your day was just as good!


Rana said...

A busy day, but a good one it sounds like in your household. I can smell your bread all the way here in Michigan. Save me a slice. I really should make some. Have a great night Leslie!

Jo's Health Corner said...

I found your blog on Holistic Mama. I was just added to the same blog roll so I am checking out the other blogs as well.

I am also homeschooling my children, and obviously into holistic living..I would love to have you visit my blog sometime..



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