Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Mumbles

Ten random things I'm thinking about this Monday Morning, as featured on Circling the Square Table.

1. It's raining.  I'm glad for the rain as it has cooled things down (it was in the high 80s this weekend).  But there is something about rain on a Monday.  I'm trying to shake it! :D

2. We took a trip to IKEA.  I so enjoy looking through the showroom.  It's been about a year or more since we've been in one.  We've decided to leave several pieces of furniture and were looking at options.  My husband feel asleep in the chair he wanted.  Not sure if he was just trying to prove to me it was a "good" chair! lol

3. So, I'm supposed to be packing.  It's May.  I took Sabbath/Saturday and Sunday I'm looking around and thinking WTHeck?!  I have to get started.  Maybe after breakfast....

4. I'm in the process of putting together my first 'Give-Away' for this blog.  I found several brand new copies of a book I've wanted for years at a tag sale this weekend.  Yeah. I got all of them and decided to give them away.  Stay tuned for more information (to be posted in the next day or so)!

5. I had a good talk with the hubs yesterday.  I've been a bit stressed about this whole move thing. Where we will live, how we will live, you know, all the important questions.  It was good to see that we're on the same page.  THAT IS A BIG DEAL!  It's good to be in the same chapter, it's good to be in the same book--but on the same page.  I'm kinda impressed! lol

6. Why is that kids want to eat every day?  I mean, I just fed them last night... LOL!  Yeah, we do a late breakfast over here since I'm not quite a morning person.  As I sit here and type (and they look through books around me) I'm trying to decided just what I'll be fixing.  Cold cereal is so easy but I need something filling so they won't be asking for another meal in 20 minutes.  I guess I'll cook something.

7. I love listening to The Boy playing and making up stories in which he acts out with his toys.  He has such a vivid imagination.  He also has great concentration.  He's usually surrounded by his sisters who are ALWAYS talking and trying to change things he's doing.  I'm glad to see that he's found his voice and is able to communicate with them.  Now, to get them to respond to his words so he won't have to use his hands.

8. We got some Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillers to watch change.  I was awakened by my girls telling me (at the top of their voices, mind you) the they've grown.  And they have!!  There is a monster-ness about them now.  lol.  As they sit in their container next to me as I type.  I'm excited that all of them are still living (the company only guarrantees 3 of the 5 sent) and growing.  Hope to have butterflies in the next few weeks!

9. We have to get over the the library one last time.  I'm hesitant to check out any more books as I'm packing and I don't want to inadvertently pack a library book (or have one of the kids do it).  I want to keep reading this month, but I need to be realistic with regards to what I actually can do.  We'll see.

10. I guess there isn't that much on my mind this Monday.  Perhaps MOVING and PACKING are taking up too much space in my head???  (taking deep breath)  Let me find my center so I won't go crazy!!! 

Hopefully each of you are having a good Monday!  If you'd like to mumble too, click here.

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