Thursday, August 27, 2009

8 Things: You Need to Practice to Get Good At

This week's 8 Things: You Need to Practice to Get Good At
These are the things I'm practicing--some I'm better at than others--but practicing nonetheless.

1. Being authentic--something that I've committed myself to doing in all parts of my life. It's something that I must choose do daily and remind myself to do. Definitely a practice!!

2. Setting boundaries--ditto for this one as well. This is in respect to everything too. Not over committing myself to things that don't add to my guiding values. Dealing with relationships, especially my children. One gets good at this only with practice.

3. Knitting--I learned to knit a couple of years ago now and I thoroughly enjoy it. But I'm getting bored and I need to take some time to practice so that I can move on to more challenging things. Plus, I've signed the Handmade Pledge for gift giving this year. I've got to get practicing....huh?

4. Seeing the bright side of things--there are days this is easier than others. But something I want to get better at.

5. Loving unconditionally--admitting this is part of my practice of authenticity. I am conditional with my love in certain relationships. I see the need for growth & practice in this.

6. Taking care of me--definitely need more practice here. In taking care of me, I'm taking care of my family.

7. Giving a great massage--I'm pretty good, from what others say (smile). Upon graduating from the massage school I attended, it was shared that I was one of the best massage therapist they've put out. But as not to get a big head, I am practicing to get better!

8. My faith walk--this is definitely something that takes daily practice. Allowing God to lead; not my need to please or others rules & regulations. Trusting that where I find myself is where He wants me to be regardless of how 'new' or 'different' or 'strange' the surrounds may appear. This is an exciting journey for me, one that I'm practicing!

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