Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Friday

our day, thus far...
folding 3 loads of laundry
drinking water
talking with my husband
vacuuming rugs
washing a few dishes...yeah, only a few of the many that need it

fixing breakfast (the completion of eating it...)

Lego building

dress-up playing

dancing/listening to music
(yeah, this is how we use cable here--commercial FREE music! lol!)

children fussing a bit
reading a few new blogs
thinking about what to make for lunch...
writing something for my blog today (You Are Here now!) ;-)

the rest of the day will probably include:
doing the girls' hair (un-twisting and re-twisting)
reading books with the children
resting, at some point
possibly running out to the store later to get a few things for the weekend.
an evening meal

hopefully some laughing & sharing
we'll see. i'm open.

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