Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

This week we're sharing the book: The Fortune-Tellers by Lloyd Alexander,
Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman.

The story begins with a young carpenter who is unhappy with his trade. He wonders if this will be his life or if there is something better waiting for him.

He hears that a fortune-teller has come to a nearby town and decides to go and find the answers to his questions.

Upon finding the fortune-teller he pays and begins asking his questions. The fortune-teller tells him everything he wants to hear. [An example: "Do you see me rich?" "Rich you will surely be, on one condition: that you earn large sums of money."]

The carpenter then leaves and heads back home very happy. But halfway home, he remembers a dozen more questions he'd like answered and races back to speak with the fortune-teller again. When he gets back the fortune-teller is gone. However his cap and crystal ball are left on the table and the carpenter picks them up. At that very moment the cloth merchant's wife bursts through the door. She says, "A miracle! Only this morning you were a scruffy old codger. You've changed yourself into a handsome young man!" She goes on to tell him that she now believes in his powers and he never has to pay another penny in rent--that he can stay there are long as he'd like.

The carpenter tried to explain but the cloth merchant's wife would hear none of it. She calls her husband and daughter and insists that the carpenter put on his cap and read their fortunes.

There is more to this story, like finding out what the carpenter tells them, what eventually happens in his life, even finding out what becomes of the original fortune-teller!

This is a great story about how we can make things happen in our lives by jumping right in and doing it. Check this book out at your local library.

If you'd like to join in Book Sharing Monday or find a list of others who participate, click here and let Alex know.

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