Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

Another month has ended and a new one's just beginning. The chill in the air has been here for a few days now--and I'm silently hoping that it's here to stay! My favorite season of the year is just three weeks away still, but the fall weather seems to be floating through the breeze. Lot's of sun, warm on my face. Cool, near chilling, breezes filtering through my windows. The freshness, the crispness, I so enjoy. Wrapping in a poncho, warm socks up to the knee. Sipping soothing chai tea. The trees are changing colors. The leaves are starting to fall. It's apple picking time. Harvest festivals & state fairs to enjoy. Schooling has already begun for us, but now the neighbor kids are off on yellow buses. We can hear the birds & crickets from most windows in our house. The clouds are fluffy white in the bright blue sky.

Welcome September!

I found the above photo here.

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