Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gently Used Books

Over the weekend I took some time for myself. After enjoying a cup a coffee I decided I would go and look in all the places I've wanted to but haven't been able to with kids in tow.

There is a gently used book store close by so that was my first stop. I guess I spent an hour & half going through every single children's book they had on the shelves. I read some, flipped through others to check out the pictures/art and made a nice stack on the floor of my favorites. Once finished, I went through the stack and asked myself, "Now is this something I really need to own?" You know, some books are just 'check out' books and we can get from the library where others are 'keepers.'

I was excited about my finds and the great prices. Best of all my children have been enjoying listening to them and "reading" them back to me. We still have a few more to get to.

I love books!

I'm glad to be giving my children the gift of reading and books. I'm planning to use this store as a reward/treat for completion of weekly chores/work or something along these lines (still working this out in my head) by letting them choose a 'keeper' book to add to their personal libraries.

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