Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exploring at the Creek

Today I decided to give a bit of direction for our time at the creek. I asked each of my children to look for three (3) things they hadn't seen before (on a previous trip here). I told them that we'd take a photo of whatever it was. This is what we noticed and found.

A crayfish.
Unfortunately, he was no longer living.

Seeing what she can find further down stream.

I think she found something!

A red leaf floating in the water.

This photo didn't come out so well. But this is a shell that Jaya found.

A mushroom.

A plant with lavender-colored flowers.

An acorn.

Jaya noticed the roughness of the bark on a nearby tree.

Kari noticed this hole in a tree.

Melvin found a very smooth rock in the water.

He also found two small sticks and two additional acorns.
He was very proud of his finds! ;-)

A shot of the girls 'searching' for something new.

We still spent a good deal just being in the water, as we usually do. It was rather hot today so the cool water and shade were great! After exploring with them and walking through the creek myself, I was able to get in some reading time for me!! Yeah, it was a good afternoon!

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Alex said...

great photos!
to answer your question about the homeschooling comic, just click on it and it will take you to where I found it :)


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