Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Picked @ U-Pic

Today was the day!!! We met some friends at Linvilla Orchards and had a blast! Take a look...

The whole gang ready to go for a hayride into the orchard.

We started in the strawberry patch. The kids were looking for fully red berries to pick.

Next were tomatoes--these are Roma.

We picked a few peppers as well--green, yellow & red.

My son enjoying some of his strawberries. They were really sweet!!

These grapes weren't ready to be picked.

The concord grapes were!

Waiting for our ride to the next stop.
Picking a peach.

I have to say...they aren't a good as Georgia peaches!!!
(Perhaps I'm biased.)

In the corn field picking a few ears of corn.

Notice the clouds.

We made it through with only 1 child in tears! ;-)

Here's what we picked:

I gave each one a warm bubble bath.

Kari wrote in her nature journal while waiting for her bath.

Jaya shucked the corn while waiting for dinner.

It was a wonderful day! It was as good as I imagined and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon! I'm going to have to see if there is something a bit closer, though. I'm also looking for a recipe for eggplant other than eggplant parmesan. Any ideas?


Sherry said...

Well, now that's a really cool place! All the pick-your-owns that I'm aware of around here only offer one crop at a time.

Marisa said...

The fruits and veggies look great. What a wonderful way to teach your kids where their food comes from. We are so removed today from our food source the a lot of kids are unaware of what is involved in bringing their food to the table. Unfortunately, many only recognize food as something that comes from a box. Allowing your kids to get up close to our farms and u-picks is a great way to help develop good, healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.


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