Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've joined in with Jumping Tandem in celebrating 12 Days of Peace.
(please click the link above and check it out!)

Yesterday late afternoon I did a little non-Christmas/holiday looking/shopping.  Since I'm making all my gifts this year and haven't been a part of any hustle or bustle (besides what normally is happening at my home--smile), I decided I'd take 30 minutes to just look in one of my favorite stores.  Plus I wanted some more Chai tea and they offer the brand I most enjoy.  While looking on the Clearance isles I came across this plaque:

I thought, how appropriate that I found this while participating in 12 Days of Peace!!

I immediately placed it in my cart and will be hanging it up on my wall.  Since we're focused on 'peace' during this time I've been thinking more about my hopes for 2010.  I'd like for my next year to be peaceful.  Really. And as this quote states--finding it within myself is what will allow me to be full of peace with others!

So as I take another 'still moment' today and think about the Christmas story, I will take some time to find peace within. 

I hope each of you is enjoying today!! Embracing it with open arms.  Taking some time to laugh and spend it with the ones you love most!  And hopefully, taking time to be at peace.


Deidra said...

So cool! Are we noticing these things because we're seeking peace, or has peace always been out there, waiting for us to discover it?

~Leslie said...

I think--both!

Peace has always been there, waiting for us and since we're seeking it, we're finding it!

Rana said...

What a great plaque. I like your idea of having a goal of being peaceful for 2010. I'm going to join you in that. Our example will set the pace in the family. Peace be with you Leslie and your whole family.

~Leslie said...

Thanks for joining me Rana! It will be great to know that you and your family are creating peacefulness where you are!

Peace be with you, as well! ;-)


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