Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home-Grown Love

(Photo by Penniepicker*)

So I've changed the name of my blog.
Made it more inclusive for all I do
all I share here.
My life is so much more than homeschooling
and raising children for that matter
although that is what this blog was mainly about
when I started it.
It's grown...I've grown...we've grown!
It needs to include more.

A very dear friend (who truly knows me--inside & out)
suggested the name after reading over my blog
when i read it
i LOVED it immediately!
(thank you!)

it's perfect
well, as perfect as it can be
for now :)

All that I do, whether directly for my children or not
is ultimately for their good.
Learning more about myself
loving and accepting me, for me
practicing extending myself to others
becoming more flexible
only helps them to love themselves
and share that unconditional love with others--
our reason for being

So, for now, at least,
you can still find me at the same ulr
perhaps I'll change that as well, eventually
will let you all know, though

Now let me get back to growing some love....

(*Photo above is from Penniepicker's photostream on flikr and can be found here.)


Our Pace said...

Great name! I love it!!

Deidra said...

What a beautiful name for a blog! I'll be back to read more, but for now, I wanted to welcome you to The OATH! I'm so glad you've joined us!


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