Tuesday, December 1, 2009

100 Books-a-Month Challenge: December

...And just like that...it's time to start again.

This month we are going to focus on holiday stories as well as some books about giving. We spent yesterday afternoon in the library enjoying a local zoo's presentation. Afterwards we loaded up our bags with as many books as we could carry! Now that's we've made it through our first month and each of my children were able to 'see' our progress--they've been asking to read more. Now, of course, I have no intention of saying 'no' to their desires to read more than 100--but reminded them that Mommy has been doing most of the reading. 100 books are a lot of read in addition to all the other things that I do. My middle child suggested that we ask others to read to them as well--which is a wonderful idea!!! Since the holidays bring with them visits from family & friends, we'll be asking our visitors to join me in reading to the kids--perhaps we'll make it over 100. Let the record show that I'm quite fine with our 100 goal! (smile)

Happy Reading to each of you who have joined us. If you're new click here to find out more and sign up!!!


Rana said...

That sounds like a great idea. When my dad comes by the kids make him read to them. We have a lot of friends come by too. I should make a house rule no one leaves without reading a story.

Alex said...

we just came back from the library with our first big batch of books for this month!!
we have always loved reading here, but this challenge has increased our reading for sure!
thank you.

~Leslie said...

@ Rana--I'm thinking that a rule is in order, too! ;-)

@ Alex--so glad that you all are enjoying it! We are too!

We've been reading since yesterday and may have to make another trip to the library on Friday.


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