Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

"These are a few of my favorite things!" 

It's cold outside today but thankfully it's warm inside.  We've been busy this week getting our handmade and homemade gifts together.  My goal is to be finished with everything on Sunday so that I can spend next week doing some things I'd like to do---reading, knitting, relaxing, being available for anything that may 'pop' up!

Today, I'd like to share one of the favorite things that keeps me warm during this time of year.  I'm a BIG poncho fan---have a good number of them.  The one that is my all-time favorite is one that I handmade myself.  It's made out of micro-fleece and is rather toasty.  It was my first attempt at making one so isn't the most 'well-made' but that hasn't changed the coziness of it!  It's just the right length to keep my warm as I knit, or read, or anything else!

Here's two photos of it:

What's one of your favorite things that keeps you warm during this time of year? I'd love to hear about it or anything you'd like to share in the comments below!

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 


Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm so impressed. I've had a sewing machine for a year and still haven't pulled it out of the box. I know, I know, 2010 is when I'll FINALLY break it out of the box. I also love the collage!!
My fave warmer are my kids and hubby. Corny but true.

~Leslie said...

Well, you'll have to pull it out!! When you do, let me know and I'll share the pattern #. The first one is always the tricky one--but once you finish it all the others will be a breeze! (trust me, I've made these as gifts for others! the longest part is cutting it out!) ;-)

I LOVE the collage too! ;-) Glad you're liking it! and your answer isn't corny. It's sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

Deidra said...

A blazing fire in the fireplace is my favorite thing about winter! Absolutely LOVE it!

Your poncho is adorable! I had a red poncho and a fur mitt that I wore when I was little. I was tres chic back then. ;)

Happy weekend!

~Leslie said...

Fireplaces are great!!! I miss not having a fireplace! Funny, have had one in every house I've lived in in the South, but now that we're up North don't have one. ;-(

Thanks Deidra! Happy Weekend to you as well!

Home School Blast said...

I have some wool longies and shorties I need to make for the baby's cloth diapers. Imagine having a relaxing week this week. I am working and running every which a way. Enjoy your Holiday!


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