Tuesday, January 13, 2009

breaking out!

today has started better than yesterday. i've been making plans for the rest of the week. we need to get OUT of the house, although it is bitterly cold and connect with other people! today we'll go to visit my grandmother. i'm lucky to now live only 20 minutes away from her. we need this visit as much as she does. been in touch with a new friend i've made up here and hope to get together with her family tomorrow and then take field trip on thursday to meet some other friends at a farm show.

the children are still enjoying their creative play. i'm so thankful for this. they do fuss about not being about not being able to watch as much as they'd like (they did a lot through all the moving that happened late last year) but once they get that i mean 'no!' they go on with life.

i hope to be able to get on with things in the same way! ;)

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