Friday, January 9, 2009

natural hair day...continued

so my hair 'day' has turned into another day....i guess doing three heads is more than a notion. it's been a loooong day. we are all tired.

we followed my plan and i have to say, it turned out LOVELY!!! my girls' hair is clean, soft and very well conditioned! I am LOVING my hair too. The only thing that I didn't expect is the loosening of our hair texture. So my lovely full afro is hanging to my shoulders...I guess that means I have to either do it or cut it. hmmm. something else to consider! lol!

i am thrilled to have found something that is good for our hair, good for our bodies and good for the earth!!! it's also very gratifying to be able to make this myself. i hope to post pictures soon of our lovely, healthy, earth-friendly hair! ;)

the following are the photos.

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