Monday, January 12, 2009

monday...already?! OR it's a jungle in here!

i guess mondays are tough days for me. it's the 'recovering-from-the-weekend-wish-I-didn't-have-to-clean-up-day.' it's cold here. very cold.

i'm listening to the children play. they've taken all their stuffed animals and placed them around the house, much to my dismay. when i asked what they were doing, my oldest explained that they were going to make a jungle so they could explore. they (my daughters) then asked for paper and scissors--not a good combination--so i asked for more detail. they said they wanted to draw and cut out flowers and trees to make it look like a jungle. what a wonderful imagination they have. my son, who is just 2, participated as well, making the animal sounds when he 'found' an animal.

oh to be a child again.

although the house is in MORE disarray, it's nice to hear them enjoying themselves. they're playing with what they've learned, as they should be.


i guess mondays aren't so bad... (smile)

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