Monday, January 5, 2009

just another manic monday

(oh-woe) wish it were sunday...

and so another work week begins. my husband left at some ungodly hour (for us) and one by one my children woke up needing one thing or another from me (go figure). it has been hard to get out of my bed this morning. i've turned over several times to find sleep again. i'm thankful that i've taught my kids to get up and play quietly, sort of. what finally got me out of bed was the thought about getting back into the routine of our lives. since our big move in august, we've been 'off schedule' and everyday is unpredictable, which isn't always good for little ones. so out of bed i got!

i've found it helpful to get up and get dressed on days like these. it gives some direction: this won't be a "lay-around-lazy-day.' so we are now fed and dressed and doing some artwork. must get this holiday thanks out b/4 the kids forget who gave what. lol!

i guess i should have a goal for today, or at least a plan. hmmm...let's see.

today's goal: enjoy my children. read to them. give them time to be creative.

i'm ok with this! hope your day is as good as mine will be! ;)

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