Tuesday, January 6, 2009

naturally yours

although it's still winter, i'm in the process of preparing for spring (my new year!)! :) i've been working to live in better harmony with the earth and my body. part of what we've (dh & i) been working towards is removing all the chemical use in our home, in our food, in our personal body products. i've spent the last two days almost glued to the computer searching and researching what i can do to replace all the junk we feel we 'can't live without!'

we've already switched a lot of what we use around the house. we mainly use vinegar & baking soda to clean. and these two clean everything! (and have for many decades prior)

my hair is natural (no chemicals used to change it's texture) and so are all the heads in my care. but i know a lot of what we put in our hair (creams, oils, shampoos, etc.) and what we put on our skin is just HARMFUL plain and simple. so, i'm throwing EVERYTHING out today and going out this afternoon to purchase some basics to make my own personal care products.

now, if you know anything about me, you know that this is right up my alley. i love doing this kind of stuff. i have several good books about this very thing and i use the library regularly. so i've found some really nice, simple, inexpensive recipes for keeping us, and our environment, clean & safe.

i've also invited some of my dear friends to join me in this. it does take some support because i know there will be a day when i miss my paul mitchell foaming pomade. but i will learn to love something else--something that i've made with my own hands!!!

these are the things i want to give my children. i love that i can share this with them.

will share updates as i have them!!

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