Tuesday, March 17, 2009


so i had purposed that i would write something--anything--no matter how small to add to my blog so i'd get in the habit of this bloggin' thang. as you can see, life happens and has been happening since.

so what's going on? you may wonder...(i do too!) lol!

i started school, very unexpectedly, on Jan 20th. so with being in school most evenings and running around with the kids and keeping up the house and feeding the dogs and making sure clothes get washed and teeth get brushed and studying to maintain my 4.0 GPA (yay!) and connecting with my homeschooling group (kid cultivators) and attempting to be a good friend and facebooking (periodically), i've been a bit busy (sigh)!

i decided i'd take some time right now and refresh my page....such a pretty scene....and add some news about the lapse of time. i'm also realizing that i have so much more to share beyond homeschooling and perhaps from time to time i'll get around to that.

this time, although busy and sometimes stressful, has been a glorious time for my spirit. in my new venture i've met some amazing women, one in particular, who has challenged me in ways i didn't recognize i needed challenging in. i have learn far more than i expected simply from talking and sharing with her. she's put me in touch with some really great authors and i've done a lot of reading in addition to school (and life, and kids, etc)!

perhaps my title 'finally' refers more to me finding me...than finding time to write here.

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