Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Calendar Year

...and so we changed calendars today. i put them up in the classroom and in the girls' room. i explained to the kids that at the end of December we get to start all over again with the months of the year. so, we're back to January.

oddly enough i'm feeling more like following the seasons. it's still winter and the idea of starting something new at this moment just doesn't feel right to me. so, i'll continue with this idea and make some resolutions at the beginning of Spring--the new season for the year.

we did clean up today and do a little purging to make today 'new' in it's own way. i am looking forward to moving in more harmony with the seasons.

Happy New Year!!

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Rae Pica said...

Happy New Year, Leslie! Or should I say Happy Winter? : )

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