Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Intentions

This week away was just what I needed. At the last minute I wasn't going to go--things got a bit too stressful and I thought it would be easier to just stay put. I'm so glad I didn't listen to those crazy thoughts in my head.

Time away, a change of scenery, quietness, stillness, peacefulness is what my spirit required. I got a bit of that. Rest. Time to read. A bit of laughter. It's what I intended for my week and that's exactly how things went. I was able to recharge surrounded by beautiful views in a mountain lodge. Crisp air, warm sunshine, songs of birds, the rustling of leaves, the view of the moutains--all of these things gave me a bit of calm. As much as I know about nature and how being in it with no real purpose, other than to be, has such a powerful affect on one's well-being, I am always surprised at just how quickly this works. I am thankful for it and intent to do much more of this in the coming weeks and months. This type of healing is what I need on a regular basis.

How did your week go? Were you able to cull out time for the things you most wanted?

This new week starting I have some simple intentions again. (Simple does not necessarily mean easy.)

  • Visit with friends (we have several dates planned for this week)
  • Make treats to share with neighbors & other community members
  • Read
  • Organize things in our home learning space
  • Rest
  • Enjoy my family through laughter, sharing and simply being together
What are your intentions for this week? What things do you want to make priority? I'd love to hear from you and encourage you in it. Why not take a moment to share below?

Be well.


Latonya Mo said...

I am glad you were able to relax in nature. It looks so peaceful. I intend to take it a little easy, and not overextend myself.

~Leslie said...

This time of year it's easy to try to do it all. I'm hoping that you're able to keep things in a place that does not do this for you. Enjoy the week and take it easy. (smile)

Thanks for checking in this week, Latonya. See you on the next one, I hope.


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